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A blogger (and Instagram lover) $4 must-have phone gadget

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Evening babes! Today I want to share one of my favorite new gadgets with you guys – a mini ringlight for my iPhone! It is the perfect little helper in low-light conditions, which lets face it is pretty much 24/7 if you live in Denmark during fall/winter.

The ringlight is probably mostly meant to be used for selfies, but since I am notoriously camera shy (not a very good trait for a blogger, I know), then I actually mostly use it on my front camera to shoot photos for my Instagram in low-light situations. You can see some examples of just how well it works below.

The best part about the ringlight is that it is super cheap (only $4 !!) + you can use it on all kinds of phones as it just clips on and it even has three different brightness levels that you can easily switch between to get the perfect lighting.

The seller I bought the mini ringlight from sadly doesn’t sell it anymore, but I have found it here (affiliate link) and the seller has great reviews.

You can see some examples of how well the ringlight works below – it is absolutely perfect for these super dark and gloomy fall and winter days!

fil-16-11-2017-14-18-18 fil-16-11-2017-14-18-31


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