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∼ A colorful selfie in Ganni’s fittingroom ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these little glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

I have just gotten home from a quick stay at my parents place. We had the best dinner last night to celebrate Mortens Aften (a Danish tradition) with my parents, grandparents and sister, haha I pretty much ate my own body weight in duck, gravy and potatoes! It is so rare that I eat traditional Danish food, but damn it is good! I am kinda glad it is not an everyday thing though, I would probably weight 200 pounds then ;)

These past two weeks since my last LLT-post have been busy, but so lovely ♥ Other than working a lot as usual, then I have spent some much needed quality time with my family and girlfriends, I have had time to both completely relax and catch up on my favorite tv-shows, but I have also partied quite a bit and since it has been a while, then it was really nice to just let go, have fun, dance and meet new people… I could go without the two day hangover though, someone is getting a bit old ;)

∼ Love at first sight = impulsive shopping at Ganni ∼

I took the photo first photo in this post in the Ganni fitting room as I just had to get a quick snap of my favorite new jacket and matching Mango sweater (similar here) + Rebecca Minkhof bag (all are affiliate links) – can you believe that up until this year I would pretty much only ever wear black? It just makes me happy to wear such bright colors in otherwise quite dark and gloomy Denmark, I mean it might rain on my parade, but in that jacket it is pretty hard not to keep a smile on my face ♥

The real reason I was fitting room was (obviously) not to take selfies, but to try the beyond gorgeous Ganni Flynn lace dress (affiliate link) you can see above, it was truly material love at first sight! The photo doesn’t do it justice at all, the lace is just so lovely and the dress perfectly enhances what I want it to enhance while hiding those extra kilos that seems to have snook up on me lately ;)

I have actually already worn it twice and I think this might be my best impulse buy yet. It is just so flattering, comfortable and really versatile depending on how you style it, which is quite important as it is the most expensive dress I own and I usually don’t spend that much on one piece of clothing. I already know this will a staple piece in my closet, so I am trying to tell myself that living off oatmeal for a month (okay I am probably exaggerating a bit) is totally worth it ;)

fil-10-11-2017-14-43-24 fil-10-11-2017-14-53-37
∼ Matcha latte and goat cheese veggie sandwich at Hope Bar ∼

∼ Little Aperol Spritz candies, you know I just had to get them ♥ ∼

fil-10-11-2017-14-13-19 fil-10-11-2017-14-08-05 fil-10-11-2017-14-09-45 fil-10-11-2017-14-10-53
∼ A small sneak peek at my growing plant collection ∼

As some of you already know, I am a bit plant obsessed and I just love finding new ones to add to my collection. Plants are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add a more cosy, green and personal touch to your home and I just love what it adds to my otherwise quite simple apartment.

I recently bought quite a few new little plants and just wanted to tip my fellow Danish residents that you can actually find quite an impressive selection over at Nemlig (not sponsored) – I order all my groceries from there and since I don’t have a car, then this is a nice and easy way to stock up on plants as well. Their selection varies all the time and there are often added new plants, so sure to keep an eye on their plants and flowers.

∼ The best burgers, fries and dips that I have eaten in ages ♥ ∼

Last week I met up with one of my girlfriends to catch up and spend some quality time. We ended up in Køge and after a bit of shopping and buying advent calendar gifts (I am going all in on Christmas this year!), then we went to Garage Burger where we had some of the best burgers, fries and dips that I have eaten in a very long time! The place is quite new and doesn’t really look like they are completely done decorating, the ambience wasn’t really that good to be honest, but the food was SO delicious and very reasonably priced, so I would really recommend giving them a try – they are not in any way healthy, plant based, fat-free, gluten-free etc. though ;)

∼ My newest obsession, a mini ringlight aka. the blogger musthave! ∼

fil-10-11-2017-14-19-59 fil-10-11-2017-14-18-51 fil-10-11-2017-14-15-17
∼ Little sneak peeks from the amazing network dinner Bloggers Delight had for us ∼

Earlier this week Bloggers Delight held the most amazing network dinner for all us bloggers that are signed with them and they had just gone out of their way to make sure we had the best night possible. It was held in the most beautiful location and we were spoiled with the tastiest cocktails from ONLY cocktails, food from Köd, lots of wine, goodie bags, games + prizes and even an amazing surprise performance by Josefine Moody ♥

∼ A pink elephant for my unicorn ∼

I have already showed you my majestic unicorn mug, but I have since also added this cute pink elephant mug (affiliate link) to my little collection – I mean, the unicorn needed a friend ♥

∼ Giveaway reminder ♥ ∼

Just a little reminder that you can win a copy of my cookbook (in Danish) over on my Facebook page, find it right here!


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