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My rustic Scandinavian Christmas table setting

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Sponsored. This post is made in collaboration with Ellos.

This year I am more excited about Christmas than I have been for a nearly a decade, I feel like a five year old who just cannot wait for it to be time to decorate, eat Christmas cookies and open my Christmas calendar! It feels good to be excited about Christmas again, so this year I have decided to go all in on all things Christmas! I have bought Christmas decorations, I am making my family advent calendars and I am already planning to throw several little Christmas dinners for my friends and family.

I am quite new to hosting dinner parties since I used to live in the tiniest apartment, where I could not comfortably seat more than three, maybe four people at a time, so I have been playing around with different ways to style the table for my upcoming Christmas dinners. I like to keep it quite simple and without too many colors or too much glitz, so after playing around with different looks, I decided to go for a rustic Scandinavian feel, but still with a bit of added glam in the form of marble and gold details.

Do you like how the look turned out? I styled my Christmas table with some of my favorite Ellos items from their Christmas campaign and I personally love how it turned out. It is important to me that it looks good, but that it isn’t too styled or stiff as the most important thing for me is that it gives a warm and cosy feel that really sets the mood for a lovely and relaxed night.

I am so excited to share all the details with you guys, scroll down for more photos + the links to alle the items that I have used to style the table, enjoy! ♥

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I like to mix it up when it comes to tableware, so I chose to use two different kind of plates to add some contrast. The dinner plates are all black and a bit dramatic, which I absolutely love! Since this is a Christmas table though, I didn’t want the look to be too dramatic, so I chose to style them with light grey plates, but with a black border to really tie it all together.

I am a bit obsessed with linen at the moment, so I of course had to add washed linen napkins to the table as well. I folded them and added a little pine branch as well as a cinnamon stick to each that I tied with hemp cord for a cute and festive detail to add to the plates.

For the cutlery I went for the darker colors as well to match the plates and the overall feel of the table setting – you can find the forks right here, the knifes here, the tablespoons here and the coffee spoons here!

fil-19-11-2017-21-09-54 fil-19-11-2017-21-10-56 fil-19-11-2017-21-09-44

I am not really into super colorful and over the top Christmas decorations, so when I saw these chic and minimalistic Christmas tree cones in marble and gold, then I just knew that I had to get them. They are glam and festive and they add a really nice touch to the table without being too much – these are pretty much an instant classic in my little collection of Christmas decorations!

Another one of my favorite pieces is this gorgeous white marble tray that I used to serve my freshly baked gingerbread cookies on – there is nothing better than the first Christmas cookies of the year! And this year baking got a little extra glam as I used these fancy gold cookies cutters to make them.

And last, but not least, to help tie it all together I added a simple beige table runner that I borrowed from my sister (not sure she will get that one back) and to make it a bit more festive (it is Christmas after all), I added pine branches, pine cones and acorns to the table for an inexpensive and nature themed table setting with a rustic Scandinavian feel. It makes me think of my family’s house in the beautiful forests of Sweden where we used to go to celebrate Christmas ♥

I hope you found some useful inspiration in my styling – make sure to check out Ellos Christmas campaign for more inspiration on how to style not only your table, but also your home for Christmas. 

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