A ray of sunshine in the midst of winter

Today is another dark and gloomy winter day, where it doesn’t seem like I will even get a little glimpse of the sun, which to be honest is a bit depressing, but then I will just have to brighten my day in other ways right? For one I am in the process of baking a gorgeous vibrant cake with oranges and Christmas spices + I have made these bright sunshine inspired collages with a bit of a tropical vibe, both of which is helping put a smile on my face on this gloomy day.

I am really sensitive to the shifts in weather and I always struggle during winter when it is terribly cold and dark outside, so while it might seem a bit silly, then I try to focus on little things like this to help keep my spirit high ♥

Faux fur coat here & here // Wrap dress // Banana tee 
Banana patch // Happy Endings tee // Ganni pants // Knitted hat
Velvet heels // Gucci bag // Knitted scarf
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Wool coat // Knitted hat // Leather bag // Knitted sweater
Tassel earrings // Velvet kimono // Draped mini dress
Bodysuit // Puffy jacket // Statement heels // Gucci bag
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