Homemade Christmas gifts - easy and budget friendly // Foodie edition

Homemade Christmas gifts – easy and budget friendly // Natural beauty products


Okay I know that this is very last minute, but just like last year I have completely lost track of time – I mean, wasn’t it the 1st of December just last week?! Haha it sure feels like it, but with only two days left until Christmas, then it is definitely about time that I post this for you guys as promised!

As I have shared in this post it is one of my favorite Christmas traditions to make homemade gifts for friends and family. I both use them as host/hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, little extra gifts to give along with my store-bought Christmas gifts and just as little unexpected gifts for my loved ones throughout December ♥

This year I am gifting a selection of homemade treats as well as some of my favorite homemade beauty products that I use myself on a daily basis. Many of them can be made with things found in your cabinets (which is perfect now that I am so late with this post!) while others will probably call for a trip to your local health store – I usually buy everything online, buuut there isn’t really time for that with only two days left to Christmas, I’m sorry guys!

Make sure to check out my post with homemade foodie gifts as well – find it right here! ♥

fil-06-12-2017-12-55-48Candystriped peppermint lip scrub – recipe here!

The best natural homemade lip scrub
Coconut sugar lip scrub – recipe here!

fil-22-12-2016-18-30-30Pink raspberry lip scrub – recipe here!

fil-06-12-2017-13-51-03Pumpkin spice lip scrub – recipe here!

fil-14-12-2017-11-34-46Whipped body butter – recipe here!

fil-02-11-2016-21-08-17Lash and brow serum – recipe here!

fil-25-11-2016-23-35-18Homemade face mist – recipe here!

dsc_4498Homemade face mask – recipe here!

Easy homemade essential oil diffuser

And it doesn’t really fit in this category, but this essential oil diffuser would also make a lovely gift. If you make it in a cute lidded jar, then it can easily be wrapped and placed under the tree ♥


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