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Lovely Little Things // All things Christmas, foodie favorites and new buys

∼ My favorite apple sauce cinnamon oatmeal with almond butter caramel ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these little glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

Too much time always passes between these posts, but I have tried to sum up some of my favorite little things and moments since my last post. As usual I have spent most of my time working, but there has also been time for lots of quality time with my friends and family – like when I went with a friend to Acacia, went out for dinner with my sis and watched Bad Moms 2 afterwards, when I went to Møn to visit family and make Christmas decorations or when we finally had a much anticipated cousin Christmas dinner, so many good memories ♥

As I have mentioned before I am super into Christmas this year, so I am just going to warn you that is pretty much going to be the theme of this entire post, haha I might have gone a bit overboard ;)

∼ Christmas dinner party with my cousins ∼

After talking about it for years my cousins and I finally managed to find a date and get together for a special cousins only Christmas dinner. We are all female and somewhat in the same age range, so it is such a shame that we don’t get together more often, but we finally managed to find a date that suited everyone and had the best day with lots of food, treats, gifts and catching up – we definitely need to make this a regular thing! ♥

Photo by my cousin (and fellow blogger) Stine.

∼ My new little golden buddies ∼

Okay I know that some of you are probably thinking that these golden insects are a bit weird (and you are probably right), but I am beyond excited about my newest decor find and I absolutely love them! I have actually been looking for something similar for a while, but most of these little types of figurines are way too overpriced for my taste – I mean, they are a fun and cute addition to my livingroom, but I am not about to pay major $$$ for them ;)

However, earlier this week I got lucky when I found these at a beyond reasonable price in Flying Tiger (one of my new favorite places for home bargains) and it was just meant to be! I quickly snagged these two as they were the last ones there, but apparently there are different kinds of insects available, so I will have to go back and see if they have gotten more back in stock.

∼ My Christmas calendars ♥ ∼

One of the (many) reasons that I am super excited about Christmas this year are all my lovely Christmas calendars – and yes, I am pretty much still 5 years old on the inside ;) I was lucky enough to not only get one, but two (!!) amazing calendars from my sister (the perks of having a makeup youtuber as a sister) – one from Body Shop and one from NYX – and I am so excited about the both of them! I have already gotten so many amazing new beauty products that I cannot wait to try ♥

I also have two chocolate calendars as well, one from my mom (you never get too old for Christmas calendars) and one from my cousin that I won in a game during our Christmas dinner – is there a better way to start the day than with chocolate and new beauty products?! I think not ;)

fil-01-12-2017-23-03-27 fil-01-12-2017-23-05-04∼ My Christmas stocking and gifts from Santa

So yeah my sister and I are a bit childish and really into Christmas, so we have put up stockings and take turns playing Santa ;) I know it probably sounds a bit silly, but if something brings you joy, then why not?

We usually just add small gifts like chocolate, a Christmas candle, notebooks etc. but once in a while also a bit larger gifts like these absolutely perfect knitted Christmas socks with a fluffy and super soft lining that I got on the 1st of December – best gift ever! I have pretty much been wearing them ever since ♥

fil-01-12-2017-23-06-02 fil-01-12-2017-23-05-40
∼ A day of Christmas, vloggers gonna vlog ∼

Can you sense the theme in this LLT post? Christmas everything ♥ Last week my sister and I took a day off (the luxury of being self-employed) to decorate for Christmas, watch Christmas movies, eat risengrød, æbleskiver, pebernødder (traditional Danish Christmas food and treats) as well as lots of Christmas chocolate and cookies. My sister wore her most Christmassy outfit and of course documented the day for her second lifestyle youtube channel – vloggers gonna vlog!

∼ This years Christmas advent candle decoration – keeping it cute and simple ∼

∼ My new favorite vegan cookbook ∼

Johanne aka. the author behind the cookbook Vegansk messaged me on Instagram a while back and asked me if I would be interested in exchanging cookbooks. I have been reading her blog and followed her on Instagram for ages, so I did not have to think much about that offer – yes please!

I have a couple of vegan cookbooks, but I must admit that I never really get around to using them. I enjoy eating plant based meals and do so at least once a day, but the vegan cookbooks that I own are sadly kind of living up to that vegan stereotype that plant based food is some kind of hippie-bunny food-fad that is bland, boring and so full of veggies and superfoods that even someone like myself (who enjoys both her veggies and superfoods foods) finds it to be a bit unappealing. This book is nothing like that.

Johanne have made a gorgeous and inspiring book that shows just how yummy plant based food really can be! It is full of mouthwatering recipes and I am willing to bet that my family (who doesn’t really eat vegan or vegetarian food) wouldn’t even know that the recipes are vegan if I didn’t tell them so – a point that I think is quite important, because I believe books like this can really help open peoples eyes to the fact that vegan food does not in any way have to be strange, boring, bland or depriving.

You can buy the book (in Danish) right here (affiliate link)

fil-01-12-2017-22-37-42 fil-01-12-2017-22-38-07 fil-01-12-2017-22-38-30
∼ Back in the studio with Iform ∼

Last week I went back into the studio with Iform to work on some yummy new recipes for next years issues of the magazine. It is always a bit stressful, but also fun to get out of the house and actually have colleagues for a day (yep working from home is nice, but it definitely has its downsides as well.) I cannot wait to share the recipes we worked on with you guys, I am super excited about these ones!

You can find some of the old recipes that I have created for them right here!

∼ Mine and my little sisters go-to, salmon sandwiches, lemonade and coke at Flottenheimer ∼

∼ Luca caught in the act while trying to destroy the Christmas tree ∼

∼ ..and being a sweet boy who keeps me company while I work on a late night deadline ∼

∼ ..while his brother shows off all of his fat fluff #catspam ∼

fil-01-12-2017-22-39-34 ∼ Stocking up on cute stationary in the hopes that I will become more organized #notgonnahappen ∼

∼ Had to immortalize the last time I got to wear flats and bare legs this year – RIP all my colorful summer dresses ∼


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