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My kind of ugly Christmas sweaters // Harry Potter + Home Alone

Whenever I watch American Christmas movies (hello Hallmark!) everyone seems to own either one of those very colorful knitted Christmas sweaters or an over-the-top Christmas pyjamas set – some might call them ugly, I’m gonna go with festive ;)

I have never owned either, but since I am going all in on Christmas this year, then I of course have to get my hands on one of those ugly Christmas sweaters right? I am going to do it my own way though, so instead of reindeers and Santa Clauses, I am going for a perfect combo of Harry Potter and Home Alone – I mean, it does not get much better than that!! Haha major geek alert I know, but seriously, who doesn’t love HP and Home Alone?!

If only I had a bank account that wasn’t so sad looking at the moment, then I would buy these for my entire family to wear on Christmas eve and Christmas morning – my cousins are even more Harry Potter obsessed than I am, so I just know that they would love these!

Find the sweaters here, herehere and here ♥
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