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10 things I find incredibly annoying at the gym

Okay guys, let me just start by saying that this post is not meant to be taken too seriously, I just needed to vent a little after my trip to the gym earlier today, it was just one of those days ;)

I actually love our gym and there is usually such a positive vibe there, but there are also the occasional creeper and it can just completely ruin my work out, I need to get better at just shrugging it off, ignore those guys and get back to what I am doing.. or maybe report them to the staff. Other than dudes not really understanding boundaries or the concept of personal space, then there are also a bunch of other things that I find super annoying at the gym, so let’s just get it all out there ;)

Do you recognize any of the things on my list? What are your gym pet peeves?

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Photo by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez on Unsplash

1.) Malfunctioning tights
That my tights not once, but TWICE (!!) have completely betrayed me by ripping at the seams in some very awkward places not to mention the fact that I did not notice it until after my workouts were completed.. both times I had been doing exercises that must have left me in some pretty compromising positions thanks to said tights, but at least both the tights and my undies were black, so hopefully no one noticed!

2.) People who blocks the machines, but doesn’t actually use them
We try to always go to the gym in the morning where the gym is the least crowded, but often we still have to wait our turn in the weight room to use some of the machines, which is completely fine if the people blocking the machines were actually using them! Why just sit and chill with your phone or staring out in the air, so other people can’t use the machine?! I mean come oooon. I completely get that some take a bit longer breaks in between sets, but when you sit there for 5+ minutes without using the machine, then why not just go have a break on one of the chairs or benches?

3.) People who do not put the weights back when they are done
Especially those who lifts really really heavy. I mean, it has kept me from using machines or other equipment when it is so stacked with heavy weights that it would take me ages to clear it + some of the weights are too heavy for me to even lift in the first place (bad back). It is just so inconsiderate and there are clear signs everywhere that you should put the weights back when you are done, so everyone please please consider doing this in the future, my fused spine and I will love you for it!

4.) Men who groans and moans like they are dying..or something else entirely ;)
This one is definitely my biggest pet peeve at the gym! One time I even had to leave the gym early because I couldn’t stand to listen to this one guy for another second! He was moaning and groaning and making all these insane noises that sounded like a mix between an animal dying and someone having really weird and loud sex.. I mean, it was just incredibly annoying and kinda gross to listen to.

I understand that many of these guys lifts some pretty impressive amounts of weight (you go Glenn Coco!) and I do not in any way mind that people sometimes makes a bit of noise when lifting heavy and when they are really pushing themselves, it is completely normal, BUT there has got to be some limit to it – is it really necessary to be that loud for that long?! Maybe it is and I am just being uptight? To me the sound is as annoying as nails on a blackboard (but grosser), so I am definitely not as zen about it as I would like to be.

5.) Men who stares shamelessly
And by this I mean men who really stares like there is no tomorrow. I already feel a bit awkward and vulnerable when I am at the gym, so I do not need some random guy creepily staring at me while I work out. There is this same guy who both my sister and I have caught shamelessly starring at us while we work out and he just doesn’t stop! He just sits at a nearby machine, without using it, and stares at us while we do our thing and he doesn’t even try to hide it. When he is caught starring he doesn’t look away even though it is pretty obvious how uncomfortable he makes us, whyyyyyyyy?

Photo by Maria Fernanda Gonzalez on Unsplash

6.) Random guys who wants to “help” me with my form
I am still a total newbie when it comes to weight training, so I welcome anyone who genuinely wants to help me if I am doing something wrong or if my form is completely off, I think it is a nice thing to do and I appreciate it as I would like to learn and improve. Those kind of helpful people are not who this paragraph is dedicated to though.

It is dedicated to the creepers who interrupt me while I work out and without permission completely invade my personal space to show me a “better and more effective” way to train – often while standing incredibly close, using it as an excuse to touch me – despite the fact that it is completely unnecessary. Many machines and exercies can be used and done in a numerous amount of ways, the fact that you prefer to do something differently does not mean that is is the right way or the best way. It does not give you the permission to come up to me out of nowhere and invade my personal space and then to stare at me afterwards while I workout to see if I do things the way you want me to. Please just don’t. It makes me feel so incredibly uncomfortable.

7.) When my favorite machines are out of order
Argh it completely throws me off, when my favorite machines are out of order! It is a bit limited what I can actually do at them gym because of my back and knee problems, so it really sucks when I cannot use my favorite machines. It is of course completely unavoidable and just something that happens once in a while, but hey this post is totally my place to vent and be grumpy cat, so damn you broken machines! ;)

8.) That I always seem to be the only tomato in the room
How is it that other people at them gym never really get anything more than a bit of blushed cheeks when they work out? I always go full tomato with a bright red face + chest and it lasts for almost so long afterwards ! I mean, I know I am not in the best of shape right now, but I still went full tomato back when I was in amazing shape.. maybe it is just because I am always crazy pale?!

9.) Sweat, so much sweat
Again, why doesn’t other people at them gym seem to sweat much? Except for some of the impressively hardcore people on the stationary bikes, then I rarely see anyone who really sweats. I definitely feel like I am above average in the sweat department ..I mean, let me just say that there is a reason I only ever wear black or very dark tights to the gym, hah sorry about the tmi!

10.) The awful music
The gym we go to have a majority of customers above the age of 40, maybe even 50, and a lot of people are at my grandparents age, which we absolutely LOVE! Seriously, I find it incredibly inspiring and it makes for the most postive and joyful environment to work out in.

There is a bit of a downside to it though, the music and radiostations that they play at our gym are definitely not really for our generation ;) It is fine when I do cardio and have my headset on, but I don’t really feel comfortable wearing that when I lift or do strengthening exercises, so then I get to really enjoy all the golden oldies ;)


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