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Get to know me // 10 random facts pt. 2

I never would have imagined just how well received the first ‘Get to know me..‘ post would be, I actually didn’t really expect that more than a few of you would read it, but it is by far the most read blogpost this month (did not see that coming!!), so I thought it would be fun with a part two.

So here we go again lovelies – coming up are another 10 very random facts that are accompanied by a photo of me when I was little, curly haired and much less camera shy  ♥


1.) I don’t know how I was so tan as a child (look at those legs!), now I am always pale AF. I mean, I am probably the only person who can go to Bali for two weeks and pretty much be as pale when I leave as when I arrived.

2.) I can’t stand watching awkward or embarrassing situations, if I watch a movie with an overly awkward scene, then I can barely get through it. I put myself in the characters place and feel what they must be feeling – same thing with real life situations, but just 10x more excruciating!

3.) One of the few things that I really really dislike (hate is a more appropriate word) to eat is licorice. I can’t stand the taste of it and I don’t understand why my fellow Danes seem to think it is a good idea to add it to everything – I mean, seriously, whyyyy?

4.) I have a terrible habbit of opening messages on my phone, replying to them in my mind, but then forgetting to actually reply with a real message. It drives my friends and family absolutely nuts and I don’t blame them! I get so mad at myself every time I do it.

5.) Just up until a year ago I pretty much only ever wore black and neutral colors (and mostly jeans), but now my closet is full of super colorful clothes and an insane amount of printed dresses in the colors of the rainbow! I still love a good all black outfit, but nothing brightens a gloomy morning like a colorful outfit ♥

6.) Red bell peppers are my favorite vegetable and I eat at least one a day, which means that I spend quite an insane amount of money on bell peppers every month – the organic ones are so pricey!

7.) My little sister is an incredibly talented makeup artist, while I on the other hand is a total disaster when it comes to makeup and I can only just manage the bare minimum – I mean, we even own an eyelash brand together and I can’t even properly put on falsies! Yeah I need to start practicing ;)

8.) I have managed to kill 10 plants since December.. I usually have a pretty green thumb, they must hate the Danish winter just as much as I do.

9.) I have watched the SATC series and the first movie an insane amount of times. Whenever I am sick or feel sad I usually put on the first SATC movie, it brings me a weird amount of comfort – it is almost like being surrounded by old friends, hah I have definitely watched it a little too much!

10.) I both feel like I never want to have children and like I could have a baby tomorrow and would probably love it – schizo much? Still a single pringle who doesn’t really mingle though, so no baby on the horizon for me ;)


  • Jeg har lige købt en giga kentia palme i Plantorama, og håber virkelig mine grønne fingre slår igennem – den er så fin :D

    – A

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    • Signe - A Million Miles

      De er heldigvis normalt meget hårdføre. Haha det det var den første plante jeg købte, da jeg flyttede hjemmefra og den overlevede seriøst bare ALT! Jeg vandede den maks en gang om måneden og den fik aldrig gødning. Men violinfigen træer on the other hand… har prøvet alt, men de taber bare det ene blad efter det andet :(

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