Buckwheat waffles with vanilla Greek yoghurt and all of the toppings

Lovely little things // Family day, new recipes and all things pink

∼ Croissant love and a sneak peek at my new ceramics ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

I spent all last weekend with my family – Saturday with my dad’s side of the family and lots of good food, Sunday with my grandfather and sister visiting my grandmother in the hospital – thankfully she is doing better, but I worry about her every day. It is so hard to see the people you love the most grow older and struggle with their health, breaks my heart.

I really want to do something nice for her, but other than getting her flowers I really have no idea what to do, I want to do something that shows her how much I care about her. Maybe a little scrapbook or photo album, but we are a pretty camera shy family, so it isn’t really ideal. Let me know if you have any ideas, I would really appreciate it ♥

I also finally got my knee checked out by an orthopedic surgeon last week and thankfully it is not serious and I won’t need surgery – phew! Apparently I got patellofemoral syndrome and it should get better with physical Therapy, so fingers crossed!

He also gave me the all clear to get back in the gym, I should of course be careful not to overdo it, but exercise should be good for for my knee, so it is such a relief not having to worry about that when working out. And my tailbone is feeling better as well (thank you for your sweet messages!), so I am so happy to finally be back at the gym. Hah I never thought I would say that!

∼ Eating the last of the chocolate and raspberry covered almonds from last week ∼

∼ When you wanna sleep in, but grandpa Pelle disagrees ∼

∼ Family day ♥ We might need to practice our decorating skills ;) ∼

∼ Stocking up on fresh flowers ♥ ∼

∼ Buying a milk warmer/frother is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time ∼

∼ Beautiful, but cold mornings on my way to the gym ∼

∼ Counting the (many) days until we go back to LA and Echo Park ∼

∼ My go-to meal when I crave junk food, but try to keep it healthy ∼

fil-19-02-2018-12-12-07 fil-19-02-2018-12-33-37
∼ Found the cutest little tray for jewelry and trinkets, a great way to display my favorite pieces ∼

∼ Always drawn to the weird ones, proteas are my favorites ∼

∼ All pink Wednesday inspired by Cathrine ∼

fil-17-02-2018-18-07-41Treat yourself ♥ My Saturday breakfast feast with waffles, matcha lattes, smoothies and fresh fruit ∼


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Buckwheat waffles with vanilla Greek yoghurt and all of the toppings