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My favorite budget friendly wrap dresses pt. 2

If you thought I was done spamming you with colorful wrap dresses, then you thought wrong ;)

Wrap dresses are still my absolute favorite kind of clothing and to me it is one of those things, where you can never have one too many. They are so flattering on all body types and I love how they accentuate my waist, but hide my little food baby after a big meal and how they are very forgiving on my pear shaped body that has gotten slightly heavier than usual last year.

I also love how easy it is to put together an outfit with wrap dresses (perfect when you are the type who are always running late) – you just throw on a dress, add a bit of jewelry and some matching shoes and you are good to go, easy peasy! ♥

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Dotted Green Boohoo dress · Green Boohoo dress · Blue printed Boohoo dress · Dotted red Boohoo dress · Red Pieces dress · Dotted yellow Boohoo dress · Affiliate links.


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