Chocolate and raspberry covered almonds // Perfect for Valentine's Day

New in // Colorful budget friendly ceramics

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Evening lovelies! I am just quickly stopping by to share a little tip for those of you who are just as obsessed with ceramics as I am. I usually go for more neutral colors, but when I saw these pastel planters and patterned vase, then I just knew that I had to get them – I mean, how cute are these?! ♥

The best part is that they were super cheap! I found the pink/orange patterned vase in Søstrene Grene for only 44 DKK and the planters in Flying Tiger for only 30 DKK (99% sure, lost the receipt). Such a steal! They both look and feel much more expensive than that, they have so many lovely little details and that handmade look, though I doubt that they are considering the price. The planters does not appear to be identical in their patterns though, so they might actually be handmade.

Both the brands are Danish, but they have stores all over the world, so you can use their websites to check if they have a store near you. And just to make it completely clear, no this is not a sponsored post, I know I mention these stores a lot, but they are simply my go-to for cute and budget friendly home items ♥

You can see more of my favorite buys from these two brands right here (more ceramics), here (golden bug figurines), here (marble chopping board), here (jewelry tray), here (golden cutlery) and here (velvet pouf) – I could go on and on! 

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