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Weekends are for treating yourself // 10 simple acts of self-care


Evening lovelies! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend ♥

This week my weekend is all about me-time and self-care. Last weekend was really hectic for me and I have a lot planned in the upcoming week, so I just felt like I needed to take some time out to treat myself a little and get ready for the week ahead… and I also really need to clean the house and do laundry, but I will worry about that tomorrow ;)

I started my day with sleeping in and after I woke up I just stayed in bed for an extra hour to daydream and gently fall in and out of sleep – it is my favorite thing to do, nothing better than slow mornings ♥ When I finally got out of bed I decided to make myself a big breakfast to enjoy in bed with a good book – I have to be honest though, I ended up eating on the couch under lots of blankets instead. Something about eating in bed just kinda stresses me out and I remembered that there was a new episode of the tv-series I am currently watching, so the book had to go ;)

For breakfast I made buckwheat waffles with all of the toppings, a smoothie (store-bought, love the Innocent ones when I am lazy or in a hurry), and a big matcha latte made with my new milk warmer/frother! I am so obsessed with it, I can’t believe it didn’t buy one sooner! It is the ultimate everyday luxury to be able to have a proper matcha latte at home, so foamy and so good ♥ #treatyoself

Those of you who read my New Year’s resolutions knows that I am trying to take better care of myself and I find that those little everyday things like making yourself a nice breakfast or taking 10 minutes to sit down and enjoy a yummy foamy matcha latte means so much – it is truly all about the little things in life ♥

I have put together a list with some of the things I like to do to treat myself, little acts of self-care, it is nothing groundbreaking, but I promise that it will make your day a little better and help you prepare for the week ahead ♥

Oh and make sure to come back tomorrow for the waffle recipe, it is a good one ;) 

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1.) Sleep in
I am not in any way a morning person, but I try to get up pretty early during the week in order to get more work done and to have my evenings free, so when the weekend finally arrives I just LOVE to sleep in and wake up naturally without an alarm.

I know it is better for you to wake up at around the same time everyday, but I just can’t be bothered, I absolutely love sleeping in and it makes me happy to be able to sleep for as long as I want and not get out of bed until I feel like it. I usually don’t sleep more than an hour or two longer than during the week, but I love to stay in bed and just daydream and maybe listen to music for an extra hour before getting out of bed ♥

2.) Make your favorite breakfast
Sleeping in and treating myself to a big delicious breakfast is my favorite way of de-stressing and getting ready for the week ahead. It feels like such a treat to enjoy a big beautiful breakfast like the one I made this morning, I love being able to eat slowly and throughly enjoy the meal I made without interruptions or having to work while I eat – I should do that on everyday basis, but I often end up replying to emails and planning the day ahead while I eat my breakfast.

3.) Go for a long walk
I am such a couch potato, but I love going for long walks to get some fresh air and clear my head. It is an instant mood booster and I just cannot recommend it enough – haha and then you can spend the rest of the day on the couch watching Netflix with good conscience!

4.) Read a good book
While I am trying to get better at taking time out during the week to read, then I am still not very good at it and often find it hard to concentrate, so instead I like to read during the weekend where I can completely immerse myself into a good book and read for hours on end.

5.) Try a new recipe or bake your favorite treat
The weekends are perfect for trying all those drool worthy recipes that you have found online, in magazines or in cookbooks. I am horrible at finding the time or energy to do so during the week, but sunday afternoons are perfect for trying new recipes or dusting off old favorites – especially of the sweet and indulgent kind ;)

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6.) Do your nails
I am not very good at finding the time to take care of my nails during the week, so on Sundays I like to remove old polish, give myself a little manicure (I am terrible at it though) and apply a fresh coat of nail polish. Preferably something colorful to brighten up my week.

It is such a small everyday thing, but I love starting the week with freshly done nails (because my nails are otherwise a total mess most of the time tbh), it just makes me feel like I am on top of things and ready to start the week off right.

7.) Dance around in your underwear
..unless it is too cold, then dance around in a big sweater and fluffy socks! ;)

Okay this is definitely a bit of a silly one, but it is seriously such a mood booster to dance around in your underwear to your favorite songs. I very rarely do this, but whenever I do I just can’t help but laugh at myself and get in a better mood – it is important not to take yourself too seriously. And I feel like it helps me build a more positive body image as well.

8.) Apply a face mask
I am absolutely awful at doing little things like applying face masks to take care of myself during the week, so whenever the weekend comes around I always try to pay extra attention to my skin and nails.

If you want to try making your own face mask, then I can recommend giving this one a try ♥

9.) Buy fresh flowers
Seeing fresh flowers around the house always brings me so much joy, so I try to buy fresh flowers once a week and what better time to do so than just around the weekend, so you get the most out of them. Buying fresh flowers on a weekly basis can sadly be quite expensive, but you can often find really cute discounted bouquets (they usually don’t last as long, but you can find them up to 90% off) or you can buy just a couple of single flowers to place in little vases around the house.

A little tip is to buy eucalyptus leaves, they still look cute when withered (I keep mine for months and months, they can be re-used so many times!) and then I mix them with a couple of single flowers and arrange them in a little vase – pretty and budget friendly!

10.) Do nothing at all
Sometimes the very best thing you can do for yourself is to do nothing at all. If you are feeling, tired, stressed, overwhelmed etc. then give yourself permission to just do nothing all day. Sleep in, eat breakfast in bed, watch everything on Netflix, listen to music and daydream – simply recharge your batteries so you are ready for the week ahead ♥

And while it may sound a bit silly, then the whole give yourself persission to do nothing-thing is actually really important. I sometimes have a total off day, where I end up not really getting anything done, but I am not really relaxing either because I feel like I should be doing something and it is constantly at the back of my mind. So if you know that you need a day off and you know that you probably won’t get much done anyway, then just start the day with telling yourself that it is okay and that you have permission to take the day off, so that you can properly relax and enjoy it.



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