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Chic budget friendly cutlery

cutleryEvening babes, are you ready to talk about my newest obsession aka. cutlery? ♥

I already have quite the collection of different kinds of cutlery for my food styling, but I only have 1-2 sets of each, so I really need to invest in a full set for when have guests over. I mean, I have my trusty IKEA cutlery, but after 7 years and endless washes in my dishwasher it really needs to be retired – or at least be supplemented by a new and fancier set that I can use for dinner parties and such ♥

I have been looking at different brands of cutlery for a while now, but most of the more untraditional styles (I really want gold or black cutlery) are incredibly expensive, so I have been putting it off – until now that is! I stumbled upon the most gorgeous (and budget friendly) cutlery the other day, so now I just need to decide on what style and finish that I prefer!

I think my favorite is the Classic cutlery in either gold or black (affiliate links) – what do you guys think?

Oh and I have gotten some emails from you guys about whether it is safe to buy from Aliexpress, all I can say is that I have ordered from them 20+ times and I never had any problems whatsoever – just make sure to look at the reviews and keep in mind that shipping usually takes 3-4 weeks.



Luxury gold, rose gold, black – 24 pieces – right here!


Classic gold, rose gold, black – 4 pieces – right here and here!
Classic black – 24 pieces – right here!
Classic gold – 24 pieces – right here!


Modern 2-colors – 4 pieces – right here!
Modern 2-colors – 24 pieces – right here!
Modern gold 1-color – 4 pieces – right here!
Modern 1-color – 24 pieces – right here!

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  • alberte stengaard

    ÅHHH søde genialt jeg har så lang tid søgt et guld bestik!! men hvilket skal jeg vælge.. lige nu kigger jeg på den rene guld og guld med sort greb.. shit de er flotte! har du bestemt :) go dag smukke

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    • Signe - A Million Miles

      Dejligt at du kan bruge det! :D Jeg kan ikke helt bestemme mig, til mit ene stel vil guld være bedst og til det andet synes jeg sort passer bedre, haha det er jo umuligt at vælge!! Tror jeg ender med at må købe begge, meeeen min bankkonto siger at jeg vist skal starte med et enkelt sæt ;) Rigtigt god dag søde!

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • alberte stengaard

      haha TOTAL min verden! min konto siger nærmere plastiskbestik ;) det jo en umulig situation..vi køber hver vores og skifter hver måned :D god dag skønne kvinde!

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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