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Easter cake // Vegan cheesecake with mango, coconut and ginger


Good afternoon lovelies, I hope you are having some nice relaxing days with family and friends + lots of good food and Easter treats ♥

Other than stuffing my face with little chocolate Easter eggs, then it has pretty much been a week like any other for me up until now, but tomorrow I go home to celebrate Easter with my family and I just cannot wait! There is nothing better than quality time with family and lots of good food!

This year I have made a bit of an untraditional Easter cake, but I actually feel like it is quite perfect for the occasion. It looks so cute and “Easter’y” with the Easter eggs, little bunnies and light yellow top layer + I love how it is a lot more light and fresh in its flavor than traditional Easter treats and desserts, which is perfect after eating a heavy traditional Easter meal.

I am making a chocolate cake as well though, haha not sure my grandparents will be too thrilled about a vegan cheesecake with mango and ginger, it is probably a bit too modern for them – hah so no one tell them that there is avocado in the chocolate cake okay? ;)

You can find more of my favorite cake recipes right here – I am bringing my Easter cake as well as this chocolate cake to our family Easter dinner ♥


– Yields 8 slices

12 dates, pitted
100 grams almonds
1/5 teaspoon seasalt
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla powder

White layer:
150 grams unsalted cashews
The juice of 1/2 lemon
1 deciliter (about 0.4 cup) shredded coconut
1/2 deciliter (about 0.2 cup) maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla powder
1/2 can of coconut milk, the thick creamy part (save the rest for smoothies)

Yellow layer:
1 large ripe mango, peeled and pitted
15 grams fresh ginger
50 grams unsalted cashews
1 tablespoon maple syrup
2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted

Toasted coconut chips
Little almond and chocolate Easter eggs
Foam candy Easter bunnies
Fresh mint leaves

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Start by soaking the cashews in water for at least 3 hours or even overnight.

Make the base by adding the almonds to a food processor and give them a quick blend so that they are roughly chopped, then add the rest of the ingredients and pulse until you have a cohesive, sticky mixture. Press down the base mixture in a springform cake tin (mine is about 20 cm. in diameter) lined with baking paper and make sure it is pressed down tight and evenly.

To make the white layer simply add all the ingredients to a food processor and pulse until completely smooth, this usually take a couple of minutes. Pour the white layer on top of the base and place it in the freezer for at least an hour or until it have firmed up.

While the white layer sets, you can prepare the yellow layer. Again, simply add all the ingredients to a food processor and pulse until completely smooth. Pour the yellow layer on top of the white layer and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours to firm up.

Take it out of the freezer for about 20-30 minutes before serving, decorate it with the coconut chips, Easter candy and mint leaves, enjoy!

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