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Temporary (vegan) hair color – from dirty blonde to purple to green

Last year I feel an urge to have a bit of fun with my hair and mix it up a little, so I quite impulsively borrowed one of my sister’s color bombs and dyed my hair (temporarily) purple – something I have been wanting to do since I was a teenager, you are never too old for crazy colored hair right?! ;)

I am not even sure I shared a proper photo of my purple/violet hair back then, but I did talk about it and ever since I have been getting so many questions about what product I used, if I would recommend it and whether it washed out properly or if I was left with purple hair for weeks, so I thought it was about time that I did a quick post on it for you guys.

purple-hairYou can buy the product I used right here and here + you can find it in pink as well right here and here (affiliate links)

I used the Maria Nila Color Refresh in violet and I absolutely LOVE how the color turned out, it was so bright, fun and pretty! A little bit cray, but when it is temporary then it is all good. I used the product twice in a row and left it in for the longest amount of time described on the bottle to achieve the look above.

The color washed out almost completely after one wash, but I did end up with a hair color very different from the dirty blonde I started with. The problem is that my hair is chemically treated (bleached) and I was so unfortunate that the chemicals in my hair had a bad reaction with the Color Refresh color and I actually ended up with discolored and slightly green hair – not a good look! I know several people who use the Color Refresh products without any problems (even though their hair have been chemically treated), so I think I was just very unlucky, but it is important to keep in mind if you want to give it a try.

I absolutely loved the color and the fact that it was completely temporary and washed out almost completely after just one wash, but the fact that the chemicals in my hair reacted with it and left me with slightly green hair that had to be fixed by my hairdresser is obviously a big problem. I would probably only recommend the product to people without chemically treated hair (no risk of green hair!) or people who are okay with the fact that there is a tiny chance that the chemicals might react badly and that you need to go get it fixed.

The color refresh products are also available in more natural colors like different shades of brown and blonde – you can find it in many different colors right here and here (affiliate links)


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