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10 simple acts of self-care – part 2


Morning lovelies! I hope you are all having an amazing weekend ♥

I have recently started to try and keep my weekends workfree, but today I have a to-do list that is a lot longer than usual, so there is no way around having to work for a couple of hours + cleaning and doing laundry afterwards before I can finally relax and enjoy my Sunday – I have planned to watch a good movie with a glass of wine and the leftover bag of chips I have from Friday later on though, so it is all good!

Anyways, what I want to talk about today are not those kinds of semi-stressed Sundays, I want to talk about relaxed weekends that are all about treating yourself and self-care – something that is so incredibly important and yet most of us are absolutely horrible at finding the time to take care of ourselves in our busy schedules.

One of my absolute favorites things to do on the weekends are to make a big brunch or breakfast platter and just relax while reading or watching tv – it is one of the ultimate ways of self-care to me, but there is so much more you can do to treat- and take of yourself. I already shared 10 simple acts of self-care right here and since it was so popular I thought I would share 10 more with you guys today, I hope you enjoy them ♥

Make sure to check out my ultimate brunch guide (including my favorite recipes) right here and part one of my 10 simple acts of self-care right here!

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1.) Create a new habit

I find so much comfort in creating little habits for myself, it can be something super simple like making a matcha latte everyday and taking 15 minutes out of my schedule to sit down and just enjoy it or to do my bed every morning, so my bedroom is nice and tidy. It is all about finding something that will help you manage your stress levels, be more present and bring some comfort to busy days.

2.) Grow something

There is something so calming and almost therapeutical about getting your hands dirty, working with soil and growing something from scratch – and you don’t even need a garden, you can easily grow something on your balcony or even in your windowsill. Edible flowers and herbs are one of my favorites things to grow in my windowsills, but you can also grow tomatoes and chillies if you want to grow something edible.

3.) Declutter

I am not one of those people who love to clean and declutter, but it feels so good when it is done and I just feel so much more calm and centered, when the house is looking good. Every now and then I try to find a new place to declutter (I have more than enough to choose from, my cupboards are overflowing at the moment), I hate doing it, but it is such a stress reliever and so worth it afterwards!

4.) Be selfish

I think a lot of people struggle with this, but it is not healthy to have to be there for everyone all the time. Sometimes you just need to be selfish, cancel plans, stay at home, eat cake in your pjs, watch tv and just lounge around all day. Being selfish once in a while is the best kind of self-care.

5.) Go explore

And by this is don’t necessarily mean to go travel or anything like that, I mean traveling is my favorite thing to do, but unless you have an unlimited budget, then it isn’t really an option to do that often. Instead you can simply go explore your neighborhood or a nearby city, I am the worst creature of habit and I definitely do not know my neighborhood or city very well, so I have started going for long walks without any kind of purpose other than exploring and discovering new things and places.


6.) Take a break from social media, emails and the internet

Social media, emails etc. can be super stressful or at least very distracting for most people, so I love to sometimes just unplug completely and take the day off from social media, emails and even anything that requires use of the internet. I must admit that I rarely do it, it doesn’t mix that well with the kind of business that I am in, but whenever I do unplug it just feels so liberating and I am so much more present.

7.) Date yourself

I know this is a bit nerve-racking to some, but it can be so empowering to go out on your own – go to the cinema, try a new cafe, visit a museum etc.

You can do it ♥

8.) Get moving and break a sweat!

Working out is truly one of the best kinds self-care, it is such a great stress reliever and to me it is one of the best ways to practice self-love as it helps you do something good for both your body and mind at the same time.

9.) Get in touch with your emotions

Many of us (myself included) tend to bottle up our emotions, we push those feelings to the back of our mind and often neglect to process or even acknowledge what we are feeling. While this might sometimes be necessary to get through the day, then it is not a very healthy thing to do in the long run. Try to take a little time out – it can be every morning or evening, every Sunday or whenever you feel the need – to get in touch with your emotions, reflect on them, acknowledge them and if you come to the conclusion that actions are needed for you to be able to put those feelings behind you and improve your wellbeing, then make a plan and start taking the steps to fulfill it.

Easier said than done, trust me I know, but it is so important to a least give it a try and it will get easier with time.

10.) Take a nap

I never really take naps, I often wake up all dizzy, confused, wondering where I am (Narnia?!), but on a lazy Sunday where I don’t have any plans, then there is nothing better than just dozing off on the couch while my record player is playing in the background and I fall in and out of consciousness.


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