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Copenhagen food // Souls – plant based, healthy and vibrant


After wanting to try it for ages I finally got around to eating at Souls last month and since I just know that you guys will love this place, then I of course had to write a little review for my Copenhagen Food series ♥

Souls is all about healthy, plant based and vibrant food, so it is right up my alley! We went to their Østerbro location, which I thought was quite cosy and the atmosphere of the place suits their food and concept perfectly.

We arrived in time for their lunch service (they also offer breakfast/brunch and dinner) and had such a hard time choosing what to get as everything sounded so good, but ultimately we ended up with two of their salad bowls and their mango lemonade. My salad was full of flavor and really filling, almost a bit too healthy, haha which I guess won’t be for everyone, but I really liked it and will definitely be back to try more from their menu soon – their burgers sound insane! The lemonade was amazing as well, I wish I had one of those to enjoy in todays sunny weather.

For dessert we just had to try their vegan cheesecakes and because the woman at the register (you order at the bar) noticed we had a hard time choosing a cake, then she was kind enough to offer us little samples of all of the cheese cakes – that is such good service! All of them were good, but I was particularly fond of the Tumeric Yuzu Slice and the Super Berry, which we both ended up ordering. Or actually my friend made a mistake when ordering and got the chocolate one, but when she realized that later on they were kind enough to change her order. Again, the service is great there and I loved the whole vibe of the place. The cake was Ah-MaZing!! So creamy and delicious, but not too heavy because of the berries. I am drooling a little just thinking about it ;)

So as you can probably tell, I can definitely recommend the place. I think the food is great, it is healthy, plant based and of high quality, the service is amazing and I think the prices are very fair for that kind of food – I know from experience that it isn’t cheap to make, especially those raw desserts!

Souls is located both at Melchiors Plads 3, 2100 København Ø and at Nørre Farimagsgade 63, 1364 København K – you can find their menu and prices right here!

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