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Another Morocco trip, let’s go to Agadir! Where to stay, what to do – all of the photos!

img_4363Sponsored. We were kindly invited to Morocco by Marokko Eksperten, the Moroccan National Tourism Office and Air Arabia.

We got back from our latest Moroccan adventure this time last month, so this post is definitely a bit overdue, but better late than never right? Or so I tell myself ;) We had such a lovely trip to Agadir and it was amazing to get to experience more of beautiful Morocco, I just can’t get enough of this magical country and I hope to be able to go back and explore more of Morocco soon!

As some of you know I was in Essaouira and Marrakech two years ago (read more about that right here) and I have just been dying to go back ever since, I feel like Morocco is one of those special places that I will never get tired of, there is always so much to see and explore + I can just get lost in their amazing souks for hours and hours!

This time we got to explore the coastal city of Agadir at the foot of the Atlas mountains as well as some of the surrounding areas. In Agadir you can truly see first hand how Morocco is a country in great development, there was building projects in progress everywhere and new condos and hotels are popping up all over the coastal areas. I must admit that I did not know much about Agadir before our visit, but I understand why it is so popular. It has the perfect location with easy acces to a great deal of beaches (many of them are secluded, very clean and easily accessible + there are many great places to surf), golf courses, sea promenades, the Anti Atlas mountains, the Sahara Dessert and much more.

Another big plus is that Agadir is a modern city that are very used to tourists (it is actually one of their main sources income) and the locals are incredibly welcoming, tolerant and kind, which means that you will not have to worry too much about things like your clothing etc. (I of course always recommend to be respectful of the local culture though, read more here), which is something that I really appreciate and I would feel safe traveling there alone as a woman.

Scroll down to read more about where to stay in Agadir, where to eat, what to do + lots and lots of photos!

Make sure to read my post about “10 things you need to know before visiting Morocco” right here!

img_5373-1 img_3449 img_3444 img_6572img_4544
∼ Photos from Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay∼

Where to stay

Hyatt Place Taghazout Bay
We stayed at this modern and luxurious 5-star hotel during our trip and it was pretty much perfect. The rooms were big and spacious with lovely balconies and an amazing view (check the photos above), the amenities were plentiful – an amazing pool area, ocean view cabanas, a spa, golf course, large luxury condos for traveling families, a location right by the ocean + free transportation to the beach and much more.

This is the place for you if you are all about modern luxurious hotels with all amenities available and absolutely excellent service (I travel a lot and I don’t think I have ever encountered such a lovely and helpful staff as this one). However, if you are looking for a more authentic Moroccan experience, then this hotel is not the place for you, but just keep scrolling – I got you!

Atlas Kasbah Ecolodge
On one of our excursions we got to visit Atlas Kasbah and I just fell in love right away! My sister and I have already agreed that we need to go back to Morocco asap and stay at this lovely place. The Atlas Kasbah is a lot less luxurious and modern than the Hyatt Place, but that it part of what makes it so wonderful and it completely makes up for it in authenticity, charm and soul – I am not big on all that meditation and mindfullness stuff (I’d like to be though!), but as soon as I stepped into this place I just felt completely at ease and as I walked around I just felt all my stress and worries leave my body, if only for a little while, but it was quite magical.

The whole place is just beautiful – the architecture, the decor, the view, the pool area, the lovely terraces and all of the beautiful greenery, perfect for a plantlady like myself! You can see lots of photos from the Kasbah below, but it doesn’t do it any justice, it is much prettier in real life.

The Ecolodge also offers lots of different classes and activities like yoga, cooking classes, pottery classes and much more – I really want to try one of the cooking classes!

And the best part is that it promotes ecotourism and the strengthening of the local Berber communities – sustainable traveling with a focus on supporting the local original communities, yes please! ♥

Paradis Plage
We also visited Paradis Plage to spend a day in the sun while some went surfing and others were sunbathing, enjoying the ocean and taking full advantage of the beautiful surroundings for some impromptu photoshoots.

What I really love about this place is that it is family owned with a rich history and that the vibe of the place is the perfect mix of Morocco and Bali. It is a beautiful place that both have colorful touches of the more traditional Moroccan style, but mixed with modern Bali-like boho vibes and the result is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. You can also take yoga and surfing classes, chill by the pool or beach, go explore the beautiful hotel area with lots of cute little places to relax including a zen garden and fun lookout post or have a bite to eat at the cute beach shack. You can see photos from the hotel below.

img_3278img_3297 img_3304 img_5196 img_5205img_3286∼ Photos from Atlas kasbah ∼img_5803 img_5883img_5813 img_5937
∼ Photos from Paradis Plage ∼

Where to eat

While we had a really great trip, then I have to say that I was a bit underwhelmed by the food we tried. Morocco is known for their amazing cuisine, which we also got to experience on our last trip to Morocco, but this time I was less than impressed by the places we went to eat, so I sadly do not have any personaæ food recommendations for you guys. However, I have found some of the highest rated places to eat in Agadir for you guys right here. I need to try some of these places the next time!

dsc_6787-3 img_4823 img_4796 img_3568 img_4610

What to do

One of my favorite things to do in Morocco is to explore the wonderful, colorful, hectic souks and look for handmade Moroccan treasures to bring home. Make sure to keep an eye out for beautiful handcrafted berber rugs, colorful ceramics, Moroccan tea and spices, leather goods, argan oil, silver jewellery, poufs and woven pillow cases to name a few of my favorite souk finds.

Make sure to read my post “10 things you need to know before visiting Morocco” right here for tips and tricks on how to get the best bargain.

Exploring, trips and excursions
– Visit the charming and authentic fishing village Taghazout. It is a favorite among surfers and described as a gem of a little Moroccan village with the kindest locals and lovely little places to eat and shop.

– Take a hiking trip to Paradise Valley that is known for its abundance of rock pools and small waterfalls.

– Visit Taroudant south of Agadir. It is often called the “Grandmother of Marrakesh” because it looks like a smaller Marrakesh with its surrounding ramparts and it is well known for its local crafts, including jewelry and carpets.

– Go on a trip to the nearby fellow coastal city Essaouira – you can read about my visit to Essaouira here!

– Take advantage of the many golf courses and beaches or visit the marina.

Take a class
One of the things I really want to try the next time I go to Morocco is to take a Moroccan cooking class, I mean, authentic Moroccan cuisine is out of this world, so a class with a local chef would be an amazing experience. If cooking isn’t your thing, than you can try yoga classes, surfing classes and pottery classes or look into what other classes might be available near the place you are staying.

img_3085 img_3023img_4384 img_4325

A big thank you to Marokko Eksperten and the Moroccan National Tourism Office for inviting us on this trip, thank you to Air Arabia for bringing us comfortably back and forth and thank you to Hyatt Place for a great stay in your lovely hotel ♥


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