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Gelato fun in the sun + exciting news

img_7467 img_7617img_7796Sponsored. This post is made in collaboration with Grom.

How amazing is the weather these days you guys?! It sure feels like mother nature is rewarding us after a very long winter. I am doing my absolute best to enjoy it as much as possible since we never really know how long it is going to last. I have been using every possible excuse I could think of to sneak off to spend extra time in my garden or in the nearby park to enjoy all the blossoming trees, it is so magical ♥

My sister on the other hand is absolutely horrible at taking time off, she is always stressing about work and rarely spends any time out in the garden, which is such a shame in this amazing weather. In order to get her to relax a little and forget about work for a couple of hours, I decided to surprise her with some sister quality time out in the sun with lots of fruit, infused water and most importantly lots of ice cream!

I actually got the idea to spoil her a little because of a new and exciting collaboration that I am super proud of and have been so excited to tell you guys about – I am the new Danish ambassador for Grom ice cream! This means that I am going to help them launch their amazing Italian gelato and sorbet here in Denmark – talk about a dream gig huh?! The best part about this is that my freezer will be full of the best ice cream all summer and for a foodie with a sweet tooth like myself that is pretty much pure bliss!

Make sure to scroll down for more photos + all about Grom gelato and what makes it so special ♥


Exclusive Italian gelato and sorbet made with high quality ingredients the traditional Italian way

I rarely get too into the story behind a product – because let’s be honest, it can get a bit boring – but I am willing to make an exception when the story is important to really understand what makes a product so special.

If you have been to Italy then you know just how amazing their famous gelato really is, there is no question that Italian ice cream is absolutely outstanding and world famous for a good reason, but sadly a lot of Italian ice cream are no longer made the traditional way honoring Italian traditions and using high quality ingredients.

In 2002 friends Guido Martinetti and Frederico Grom decided to take action and do something about it. They started making gelato the old school way that celebrates Italian traditions while only using high quality ingredients – no artificial colorings, aromas, preservatives or emulsifiers allowed!

They even run their own farm Mura Mura in the North of Italy where they grow the most essential ingredients for their ice cream – like lemons for their sorbet, which is only made when the lemons are in season and ready to be harvested. I love how the seasonal produce decides what flavors they make and when it is available, it is rare to see these days!

Making ice cream like this is more time consuming and expensive, which is why many sadly doesn’t produce ice cream the traditional way any more, but when you taste gelato and sorbet like the ones Grom make, then you realize why it is all worth it. The texture and the flavour is just amazing. Their strawberry sorbet is made with 50% (!!) strawberries, so unlike many other sorbets you can actually taste that they use real fruit (and lots of it!) instead of some artificial flavoring.

Also, I know this is a bit silly, but how cute is the packaging?! Haha very instagramable ;)


Launching in Denmark soon – stay posted for more info and a yummy giveaway ♥

I feel a bit bad hyping their gelato so much because Grom gelatos and sorbets aren’t actually available here in Denmark just yet, but I wanted to give you guys a little introduction, so you can keep an eye out for them. I will give you a heads up as soon as they hit the stores + share where you can find them, what flavors that are available, prices etc. AND I will of course host a giveaway for you guys as well, so you can win some of all this deliciousness.


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