Colorful summer days // Wardrobe dreams

Lovely little things // Going back home, magical spring, new foodie favorites & more

img_4832∼ In a sea of flowers wearing my new dress ♥ ∼

Hello lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

Too much time always ends up passing between these posts and I have way too many photos to share in this one, but spring is so beautiful and magical that I just have to capture everything! One of my favorite memories from these past weeks was going back home to visit my parents and getting to enjoy how beautiful the countryside is this time of the year – just look at that stunning yellow field! It makes me so happy when we have warm and sunny spring days like this, it feels absolutely magical to enjoy it surrounded by flower fields and blooming trees in the company of our OG kitties.

The beauty of spring doesn’t stop there though, we are also fortunate enough to have a little park near our house, so even though we live in the city we still get to enjoy nature up close. I have been taking full advantage of this ever since the weather got better with daily walks or runs in the park and if you scroll down you can see some of all the beauty I get to see on my daily visits – pink blooming trees, the cutest little lake and so many flowers!

My garden is coming along nicely as well and I can’t wait to fill my green house with plants, flowers and a cute lounge chair, so I can sit in there and read ♥

img_4816 img_4723 img_4737 img_4800 img_4784∼ Visiting my parents, there is no place like home ♥ ∼img_5054 ∼ Coconut chia pudding w. homemade cardamom granola and fresh fruit is my new go-to breakfast ∼img_4946∼ Nature’s confetti ∼

img_4469 ∼ Amazing food, yummy drinks and good company at Bollyfood ∼

img_5027 img_4947 img_4595 img_5026 img_5025∼ Sunny walks in the nearby park, spring is just magical! ∼

img_7371∼ Having an endless supply of Italian gelato = living the dream! ∼

img_5085 A bouquet of rhubarbs from mom and dad’s garden ♥ ∼img_4515∼ The most delicious poke bowl from California Kitchen ∼img_4959 ∼Back on the green smoothie train ∼img_4971 ∼ My garden is blooming and it makes me so happy! ∼img_4652 img_4663 img_4666 ∼ Vegas-crew girls night ♥ Pizza, rosé and s’mores ∼img_4531
∼ The G-Eazy concert that almost didn’t happen ∼


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