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Get to know me // 10 random facts pt. 3.

Evening babes, how has your week been so far? I hope you have had some time to enjoy this amazing weather ♥

Are you ready for another very random post? I still feel a bit weird about posting too much personal stuff on here, but since the blog is transitioning from being purely a food blog to including more lifestyle related posts as well, then I think these kind of posts are a fun way for you to get to know me a little better + you seem to love them because the first two have gotten so many views that it just keeps surprising me!

Make sure to check out part one and two as well ♥

1.) I am obsessed with crystals at the moment and have just ordered a whole bunch to decorate my bedroom. I don’t believe they have any kind of healing properties, but they are just too pretty!

2.) My eyesight have gotten really bad over the last couple of years, but it is not something that I think much about and I rarely wear my glasses outside the house (I really need to get lenses). The problem is that I often forget that other people do not have as bad eyesight as me, which can lead to some kinda awkward situations.. like when we were in Morocco and I kept forgetting to shave my legs and redo the nail polish on my toes that I had completely messed up, but I thought it was fine because no one is going notice anyway – hah everyone with normal eyesight probably noticed!

3.) Soda is my number one guilty pleasure right now. I know they are horrible for you, but there is nothing better than an ice cold can of soda in this crazy heat – oh well, balance is key right? ;)

4.) I absolutely LOVE the sun, but I have an insane amount of beauty marks, very sun sensitive scandinavian skin and a fear of premature aging, so the only time I ever really spend much time in direct sunlight is when I am working on my garden and then I wear SPF 30 0r 50. I wish I was one of those people who wears SPF whenever I leave the house, but I am pretty much the least put together person you will ever meet and my skincare routine is non-existent.

5.) My parents are accountants and I still have zero understanding of most things regarding finances, taxes, my bank loan for the house and all that jazz (I mean, I pay my bills and stay on budget, but that’s it!).. I just ask my mom whenever something comes up, yikes I am probably getting a bit too old to keep relying on her that much when it comes to financials, but she is such a boss and way better at it than I will ever be.

6.) I own a lash brand and webshop by Silah Lashes with my little sister Laura despite not knowing anything about lashes or makeup – not to worry though, my sister is a makeup artist and lash connoisseur, so she makes sure our products are BOMB! I am so proud of our little business and it just feels amazing to have created something from scratch.

7.) I hate being barefoot and pretty much put on socks as soon as I get out of bed.

8.) One of the many reasons why I rarely eat meat is that raw meat completely grosses me out. I wash everything 6x times after prepping raw chicken – and I am not usually a germaphobe.

9.) I published my first cookbook last year, but I don’t even own a copy myself as I accidentally gave all of them away as gifts – I need to go pick up a copy asap!

10.) I crashed my laptop twice yesterday trying to play The Sims 4.. apparently Macbooks are not suited for games, buh! I just wanted a bit of childhood nostalgia, my sister and I were obsessed with The Sims when we were kids. I still play the Freeplay version on my phone though, but it is not quite the same.

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  • alberte

    elsker dem her!! og du skide genial!! HVAD sker der lige for sim!! ELSKER det, kan huske da sims2 kom det var en kæmprevolution, at man kunne være teenager og barn og de kunne vokse!! wow – amen har brugt al for mange timer med det spil :D kæmpe sommerkram herfra og briller eller ej ser jeg en skøn kvinde!

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