Fruity caprese salad with peaches, strawberries and lemon vinaigrette

Link love // Favorite youtubers, must-have purchases, binge-worthy tv-shows + more

Good evening lovelies, I hope your week is off to a great start and that you are enjoying this lovely weather ♥

This post was supposed to go live yesterday, but it ended up taking a lot longer than I expected – better late than never though right?

I have wanted to start doing a weekly Link Love post for a while now, they will be a mix of all the things that I am passionate about at the moment and want to share with you guys. One of the things that I will make sure to share every time is links to other influencers (youtubers, bloggers etc.) as this is sadly quite a competitive business, which I do not really care for and I feel like it is important to support each other and share the love – there is more than enough to go around! ♥

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

Catching the Youtube fever

Susi Cruz – One girl and her van, around the world
I recently stumbled upon Susie’s channel and I instantly became hooked on following her inspiring adventures. I don’t think I could do it myself, but I love getting glimpses into her solo travels in her cute bohemian van. Susi is a ray of sunshine and I just love her positive attitude and way of life.

Hitomi Mochizuki – Radiating that good good
Hitomi is another youtuber that recently discovered and instantly became completely mesmerized by. She is incredibly beautiful (inside out), inspiring and radiates positivity and good vibes like no other. 

Desi Perkins – makeup guru, next level vlogger, all-round amazing human
My sister got me into Desi’s videos last year and even though I don’t really care much about makeup, then I just LOVE to watch her vlogs and travel videos. I have become so invested in Desi and Steven’s (her husband) life that I bawled my eyes out when she posted this video last week, it is the perfect reminder that you should NEVER ask people about pregnancy and babies unless they offer information about it themselves – it is such a sore subject for many people and absolutely none of your business.

Recent musthave purchases

The perfect running tights on sale
I recently purchased these H&M tights on sale and they are so good that I had to get them in another color right away. They fit perfectly, are super flattering and the quality is amazing despite the low price.

Cute budget friendly scarves for my hair
One of my absolute musthaves this summer are cute little scarfs to help style (and control) my hair in this crazy heat we have been experiencing. They make it quick and easy to look stylish and put together without having to constantly wash my hair or spend too much time on styling.

Music on my mind

Off Bloom – Don’t Speak + Shut Up And Let Me Walk (mashup)
I think it was Mie who posted a link to this video over on her blog a while back and ever since I have been completely hooked on this version of shut up and let me walk. The song begins around the 2.30 minute mark and it is just SO good! I wish this version of the song were available on Spotify.

Battleme – Hey Hey, My My
I have been crazy about this song ever since I first heard it on Sons of Anarchy (go watch this show immediately if you haven’t already!) and it was recently featured on the show Six as well (more about that below), which just reignited my obsession

Interesting articles

Kylie Jenner has fuelled the myth of early success – but the odds are stacked against the young

Binge-worthy tv-shows

This show about an American Navy Seal team is my newest obsession, I actually did not like the show at all when I watched the first episode, but thankfully I kept watching and now I am hooked! Many of the characters are honestly quite off-putting at first, but I promise that they will grow on you and I love how the show does not glamorize anything, but shows all the hard stuff like the soldiers struggling with PTSD and battle fatigue, the strain on the families, how their bodies gets completely worn down etc.

Good Girls
When I first discovered this show I watched 5 episodes in a row. It is funny, intense, emotional, action-filled – I mean, it has a little bit of everything, including a whole lot of GIRL POWER! A must see.

Recipes that I am drooling over

Thai peanut coleslaw
I am always looking for new (easy) ways to mix it up and get creative with my veggies and this recipe is definitely on my must try list.

Agua fresca (watermelon, canteloupe + honeydew)
Okay how good does this sound?! It is absolutely perfect for this crazy heat wave that we are having, I am going to give this a try tomorow!


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