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New in // Little bowls for jewelry & trinkets – cute & budget-friendly

Evening babes ♥ I am sorry for being MIA from the blog and social media once again, but as some of you know I have been working non-stop at getting the webshop and lash brand that my sister and I own together ready for the big re-launch that took place earlier today – eeek I am SO excited for this! You can check it out right here! It is not 100% done yet, but almost. Oh and we offer 15% off everything until tomorrow evening to celebrate the launch ♥

Enough about the re-launch for now though, what I really stopped by to share with you guys are these cute and budget friendly little bowls from Søstrene Grene. They are only 18,80 DKK / 2,64 EUR for the big one and 11,90 DKK / 1,68 for the little one – such a steal! I am planning on using them to display and store my everyday jewelry, I have a big jewelry drawer in my closet, but I rarely store the pieces I wear on an everyday basis in there, so these cute little bowls are the perfect way for me to store them and still have easy access ♥


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