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Pink Wednesday // Summery webshop favorites

H&M hairclips here & here · Other Stories dress · Gestuz long dress · Gestuz wrap dress · H&M sports bra · H&m tights · Stine Goya cap · H&M suede heels · New Balance trainers · H&M scrunchie

There is this quote “Pink is not just a color, it is an attitude” and I think it is so true, pink is a color that really makes a statement when adults wear it – I mean, there is an overload of pink when it comes to children, but you rarely see an adult in an all pink outfit right?

I wonder why pink became such a statement color, it is certainly one of the reasons that I do not really own much in the color, but that is slowly changing. As I have grown more and more confident in myself and in my style I have switched up my wardrobe and added an array of colors to an otherwise black/white/grey dominated color palette. I still do not own much in pink, it is a bit of an intimidating color and some would probably even deem it a bit inappropriate for a woman in her late twenties, but I seem to give less and less f*cks as the years passes by, so I have recently started to add pink pieces to my wardrobe and I must say that I am absolutely loving it!

When I stocked up on cheap active wear last week I did not just get the black and navy leggings I wrote about in this post (make sure to check it out, those tights are the best ones I have tried and they are on sale!), I also bought the pink H&M tights I link to above + the matching sports bra as well. The colors does not seem to match from the stock photos, but they are indeed the same when you see them in real life. I love the set and have gotten a bit hooked on the color, so I have put together a little collage with some of my favorite pink webshop finds – how pretty are the Gestuz dresses?! Do you have a favorite? ♥


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