Summery elderflower spritzers with mint and lemon

Gelato for all seasons + my favorite kind of self-care

Advertisement. This post is made in collaboration with Grom.

Good evening lovelies, I hope your week have been amazing so far ♥ The weekend is almost here and I just cannot wait!

I did have a bit of a headstart on the weekend this Tuesday though, I was exhausted after working 12-14 hour days for almost two weeks straight, so I decided to take half the day off and spend it in bed in my most comfy knitwear surrounded by blankets, pillows and candles.

I spoiled myself with my favorite gelato, popcorn and lots of tea while watching Sex and The City (I always watch that when I am feeling under the weather), wearing a face mask and doing my nails – self-care is so important! ♥

It was a really cold and gloomy day and some might think that it wasn’t really ideal ice cream weather, but I absolutely love eating ice cream all year round – in the summertime I am obsessed with fresh sorbets and in fall and winter I tend to go for the creamier gelatos, I am obsessed with the stracciatella one from Grom! There is just something so cosy about eating ice cream straight from the tub while being wrapped in blankets and watching the rain hit the windows. I think I might just need to make time for another gelato day in bed this weekend ;)

Make sure to scroll down for info on where you can buy your very own Grom gelato for a cosy day of self-care – or for a colorful gelato party like the one above ♥

What makes Grom gelato so special

There are so many different gelato and ice cream brands on the market, so I want to share a couple of reasons why I am so fond of Grom and their gelato and sorbet. Grom makes their gelato the old school way that celebrates Italian traditions, which is really rare these days and they only use high quality ingredients aka. no artificial colorings, aromas, preservatives or emulsifiers allowed!

Grom even runs their own farm Mura Mura in the North of Italy where they grow the most essential ingredients for their ice cream – like lemons for their sorbet, which is only made when the lemons are in season and ready to be harvested. I love how the seasonal produce decides what flavors they make and when it is available, you don’t see that very often anymore. Their strawberry sorbet actually contains 50% strawberries (!!) unlike many other sorbets who sadly only contains very little fruit.

Make sure to check out this post for more info and photos ♥

Where to buy Grom gelato

Grom is still very new to the Danish market and it is slowly making its way into coolers all over Denmark, but for now you can find Grom gelato at Mad og Vin Magasin, Kioshk Vesterbro, Meny Måløv, Meny Hørsholm, Kvickly Hyrdehøj, Kvickly Allerød, Larsen Struer, Blåvand Bolcher, Davinci Hadsund and Borup Is & Sandwich-Cafe.


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