Summery frozen greek yoghurt cake with blueberry, raspberry and strawberry

Lovely little things // New favorite dress, celebrating my birthday, summer getaway, vacay foods and more

∼ Look at this beauty, my new favorite wrap dress ♥ ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

Once again it has been ages since I last did one of these posts – I should probably add it to my calendar so it will finally be a weekly post like it is meant to! – but oh well right? ;) Haha better later than never is what I always say.

Since I last did one of these posts I went away for a week on a little staycation with my mom and sister. It was absolutely perfect, we pretty much spend the entire week doing nothing but relaxing, reading, watching movies, eating all of the ice cream, going to the beach, playing cards, sleeping, drinking wine and eating too much food aka. pure bliss! You can see a bunch of photos below – how beautiful is that beach!? I need to go back soon! ♥

I also celebrated my 29th birthday last Sunday and I know that it is such a cliche, but I honestly thought I would be freaking out about getting older, but it was completely fine and I had the best day with my family – I will probably get a bit panicky next year though – 30 is a big one! ;)

I had baked my favorite brownies and made a cake version as well, but both of them turned out absolutely awful – typical right?! I have used that recipe SO many times and it has never failed, but when I have guests over it of course goes completely wrong.. Thankfully there were also lots of other treats and two beyond delicious strawberry tarts, so there were more than enough sweets for everyone – despite my failed brownies!

How has your past few weeks been lovelies? Have you been stuck at work or have you been away at vacation as well? ♥

∼ Birthday extravaganza, 29 feels a lot less scary than I thought it would ∼

∼ I have travlled all over then world and seen some of the most exotic and famous beaches, but Grærup beach right here in Denmark is still one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen ∼

∼ Watermelon salad aka. my favorite kind of summer food ∼

∼ Stumbled upon this little guy on our way home from grocery shopping. My heart ♥ ∼

∼ Vacay breakfast = aaaall of the gluten! ♥ ∼

∼ Little beach treasures I collected to bring home and display in one of my glass domes ∼

∼ Behind the scenes of a little impromptu photoshoot with my sister in the vacation home’s jacuzzi ∼

∼ There are few things as beautiful as watching a sunset on the beach, nature is amazing ∼


∼ My go-to vacay breakfast; greek yoghurt, banana, berries and granola ♥ ∼

∼ Readin´and eatin ♥ ∼

∼ Finally got my hands on a woven “Bali” bag, I still regret not buying one when I visited Bali last year ∼

∼ Homegrown goodies from the garden ∼


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Summery frozen greek yoghurt cake with blueberry, raspberry and strawberry