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Where to buy high quality budget-friendly crystals online

Evening lovelies, are you ready for a long overdue post all about crystals? ♥

I did a little survey over on Instagram a while back and a staggering 83% of you answered that you were interested in a blogpost on where to buy high quality crystals online at budget-friendly prices, so it is about time that I put a little post together for you!

Now, if you believe in crystals having healing powers (I personally just think they are pretty), then it is probably better to stick to buying them in physical stores as I have been told that it is important to feel the energies, but for the rest of us there is a lot to save by buying them online – at least if you live in Scandinavia as well, phew crystals are insanely expensive here!!

I found the seller I use through Nicole Guerriero and I have already bought a whole bunch of beautiful crystals for a fraction of the usual price + they arrived fast and really well packaged, so there was no damage or anything like that. You can find a link to the seller + my best tips and tricks below, enjoy! ♥

I have a few tips to help you get the best price possible:

1) Make sure to select free postage under the delivery options at the left.

2) Stay clear of ‘Buy it now’ items, they are usually priced much higher than what you end up paying at auctions.

3) The seller list a lot of similar crystals, so do not just bid on the first/best crystal that you like. Make sure to add a lot of different crystals to your watch list and keep an eye on the prices, almost identical crystals can go for very different prices in the auctions.

4) Do not bid on an item until the very last minute, you will just drive up the price. I usually set an alarm so I remember to bid on an item I want just before the auction ends. You can get the ebay app on your phone, so you can bid on an item even when you are out and about.

Make sure to check out the seller right here, enjoy! ♥

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