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My updated LA food guide

Good evening lovelies, as promised I have put together an updated LA food guide for you guys with all my favorite spots in LA. Sadly some of my go-to places have closed since I was last there, but I have found a lot of new favorites to share with you – LA is seriously one of my absolute favorite places when it comes to food! I love how they have SO much health food and are so ahead when it comes to new trends + they have some of the best fast food as well, so you can have all your cravings satisfied, both the healthy and the not so healthy ;)

I know I should probably have organized these more and divided them into different categories, but I wasn’t sure how to do it properly as many of these places are more than one thing (i.e. have both healthy and unhealthy food, have both affordable and expensive items on the menu etc.), so I decided to just list them all in one, I hope it is not too confusing.

Let me know if you have tried any of these places, I would love to hear what you think + drop me a comment if you have some must-try places that I can put on my list for next time we visit ♥

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Café Gratitude
Café Gratitude is one of my go-to places in LA, it serves delicious vegan, organic and seasonal dishes that have yet to let me down even though I have been there so many times and usually have something new every time. They have several locations and I love their cute decor, it is minimalistic, but cosy – quite scandinavian actually.

Urth Caffé 
This place is primarily know for their amazing organic coffee and tea, but they also have an amazing food selection and I love how it is the place to go both if I want something super healthy (and all Instagram friendly), but they have pizza, pastries (I gotta have my croissants) and a little bit of everything in-between, which makes it the perfect place to go if you are a group of people with quite different tastes and diets. They have several locations and serve both breakfast, lunch and dinner!

FIGAT7TH food court
We usually always stay in DTLA or Echo Park when we go to LA and FIGAT7TH is one of our favorite places in Downtown, it is small but the selection of food and shopping is amazing (and they have a Target!!), so it is a must. I love to go to the food court to get my favorite spicy salmon poke bowl that you can see above, my sister usually get noodles or a grilled cheese sandwich – she says The Melt (it’s located in the food court) has the best grilled cheese sandwich she has ever tried if you are into that ;)

Sage Organic Vegan Bistro
Sage is another one of the vegan places that I really loved and that I think other non-vegans would love as well. The place is located in a gorgeous New York-style building and the inside is chic, modern and quite NYC as well. They have so many options to choose from on the menu, everything looks amazing and the things I tried definitely lived up to that! Their raw desserts are absolutely divine!!.

Beacon Echo Park
Echo Park is one of my favorite places in LA, my sister and I stayed there for two months a couple of years ago and we pretty much went to Echo Park lake every single day. Back then Beacon weren’t there, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this little gem on our latest trip – it has over-the-top avo toast, acai bowls and matcha lattes aka. all I could ever ask for + the view is just perfect ♥

Alfred Tea
This place is pretty much number one on my list of places I want to visit next time I go to LA – if you check out their Instagram, then I think you can see why. I am completely obsessed with their whole aesthetic and beyond delicious looking teas and pastries, a must try!

Zinque is this really chic bistro and wine bar that has an amazing vibe, serves delicious food and where you get the best and kindest service – we always feel so welcome and well taken care of (even when we crash there for hours to have a working lunch or breakfast). It also has a great patio with light chains that I think would be the most amazing place to dine in the evening (I have only been there during the day) + you can buy lots of delicious fresh pressed juices to go. I think there are several locations, but I have only been to the one in the arts district in DTLA.

Dominique Ansel Bakery LA
We stumbled upon this cute bakery when we were at The Grove and they have so many amazing must try treats and pastries, I tried their watermelon soft serve – it was served in a carved out slice of watermelon, perfect for the gram ;) – and apple cronut, so yum! I can’t wait to go back and try more!

The Nice Guy
I am going to be completely honest here and admit that the reason we booked a table at this place was because of all the paparazzi photos of pretty much every celeb out there stumbling out of this place at odd hours – I mean, if it’s good enough for Drake, then it’s good enough for me ;)

I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was so pleasantly surprised by how nice (hah, pun intended) the place was – I loved the ambience of the place, the food was so good, I love the music and the cute photo booth (sadly didn’t get to try it, but next time!) and despite what I had read in reviews before going there, the staff were really nice and helpful, no bad attitudes or long waits.

This place is owned by the same people as The Nice Guy, it is another celebrity hotspot with absolutely beautiful decor, delicious cocktails, sparkly dancers and from what I heard some pretty good food as well. I have only been there for cocktails, but next time I am making dinner reservations as well.

Okay so this place I am actually not recommending for the food (it was fine, but nothing special), the ambience on the other hand is to die for – make sure to be seated outside under the trees with the cute lights and decorations. The decor and the whole vibe of the place is just amazing, it almost feels a bit magical to dine in those settings or maybe I just had too many of their yummy cocktails ;)

Haha while I definitely tried quite a few of those delicious cocktails, the place really is amazing though and the service was impeccable as well. We will definitely be going back there all dolled up (per usual) to enjoy the ambience, the amazing cocktails and to rub elbows with some celebs – the whole celeb thing is usually not something I care much about, but it really gives you that whole LA/Hollywood experience and I just think it is so much fun to be a part of for a night! ..and then I can go back to my usual hermit couch potato life afterwards ;)

Bricks and Scones
This is such a great place to go and get some work done – they have a nice patio where I love to sit and work on the blog and if you really need to concentrate and work/study, then they even have a study at the top floor where talking isn’t allowed and where everyone gets their own desk – how cool is that?! I love their smoothies and sandwiches, but I must admit that I haven’t tried their famous scones yet. 

In N Out
In N Out is a fast food burger place, but it is nothing like McDonalds, Burger King etc. – the food is made fresh right in front of you in the open kitchen and you can really taste that the quality is so much better! It is still really cheap though, I think it’s around $3 for a burger. The selection is really small, but there’s a lot of “secret” things you can order that aren’t on the menu – make sure to try the animal style fries!

Mel’s Drive-in
If you want to experience an oldschool american diner, then this is the place to go. My sister and I always go there and have a huge breakfast when we are in LA – I love how they offer both all those traditional, greasy and deliciously unhealthy items like waffles, french toast, bacon etc. but you can also get fresh juices, fruit bowls, yoghurt and organic granola, I always like to get a bit of both and it is just so good!

Cheesecake Factory
I think loving Cheesecake Factory as much as I do makes me a bit basic, but oh well, that place is GOOD! ;) I have never gotten a bad meal there and their complementary bread is SO good, hah they know the way to my heart for sure!

Lassens is probably my favorite spot in LA, I mean, this place is pretty much heaven for health nuts! They have the largest selection of superfoods, supplements and health store items that I have ever seen and + so many different kinds of all natural skincare and beauty products!

The place is also a (heavenly) grocery stored filled with everything you could ever dream of and I love that you can mix your own lunch/dinner boxes with salads, veggeies, fruit, many different warm dishes, sides etc. + you can get fresh smoothies and juices juices made on the spot and they even have matcha lattes and acai bowls as well – you know that’s pretty much all I need #purebliss AND they have the most amazing over-the-top vegan cakes and desserts, seriously this place is so good, a must try! My sister and I love to mix big box of food + get a fresh juice and a slice of cake and then go enjoy it by Echo Park Lake, I can sit there for hours – it is truly my happy place ♥

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    Nice to see that America is not just all greasy burgers and trans fatty acids. Still looking forward for my first visit to the US but for now those great images just made me hungry. Time for a late night snack :-)

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