10 things to do on a cold and gloomy Sunday

Good afternoon lovelies, I hope you are having an amazing weekend ♥

This post was supposed to be published this morning, but since I am not feeling too well I didn’t have the energy to finish it until now – I hope that some of you will still find it useful and get a little inspiration on how to spend this cold and gloomy Sunday.

Personally I am spending my Sunday under lots of blankets in the company of my sister, the cats and aaall of the Christmas movies and cookies. We were supposed to be at a big family get together today, but since we are both sick we sadly had to cancel, so we are trying our best to make the most of it with treats and movies ♥

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

1.) Take out a little time to reflect on your week, the upcoming week, your life in general. I am the worst at just going through life on autopilot, so on Sundays I try to take a little time away from my phone, computer tv etc. and just reflect, feel, be present in the moment and scribble my thoughts in a notebook and try to be more mindful of what I need, my goals and dreams, what is stressing me out, what I need to work on etc. – I am still kinda awful at it, but practice makes perfect right?

2.) Call or write a family member or friend that you haven’t talked to in a while. Many of us forget to keep in touch, not because we don’t want to or don’t care, but simply because we are busy and life gets in the way. Sunday is the perfect time to make sure you keep in touch with those of your loved ones that you do not see on a weekly basis.

3.) Take advantage of the upcoming season and start watching some of all the Christmas that has been added to Netflix and other streaming services – cuddle up on the couch or in bed with lots of blankets, cups of tea, cookies and, if possible, light up your fireplace or a bunch of candles ♥

4.) I know it is still too early for a lot of you, but I can really recommend starting to decorate your home for Christmas. December always flies by and few of us have the time to really enjoy the decorations, treats and everything, so my sister and I have decided to start decorating and enjoying all things Christmas a little early this year ♥

5.) Pamper yourself. Put on a face mask, do your nails, enjoy a foot bath or any of those little acts of self-care that so many of us seem to neglect during the week.

6.) Get to work on a DIY project or something creative like drawing or painting. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t very good at it (I am not either), it is still so much fun and one of the best ways to destress.

7.) Go for a long walk. It might not be the most appealing thing on the list considering the weather, but it will be so worth it to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise. You will have a much clearer head and be ready for the week ahead + you will work up an appetite, so you can enjoy a big cosy lunch or dinner when you get back.

8.) Clean, change your sheets and do laundry – yep this one really sucks, but it feels absolutely amazing to start the week with a clean home, fresh sheets and an empty laundry hamper, I always get so much more done during the week when those things are handled. And it doesn’t have to be too much of a chore, listen to happy music and dance around, put on your favorite podcast or catch up on your favorite Youtubers while you do the dishes and fold the laundry.

9.) Food prep for the week. Another one of those tasks that might seem quite tedious, but I actually really enjoy to food prep, it doesn’t have to take hours and you can listen to music or podcasts, watch a sitcom or youtube video while you do it and afterwards you will have delicious food and snacks to enjoy. I rarely food prep entire meals, but I like to make things like hummus, bliss balls, granola, crisp bread and buns to have on hand for the week.

10.) Or simply do nothing! I think it is so important to sometimes enjoy the fact that you have time off and don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. Wear your PJ’s all day, take a long nap on the couch, order takeout, eat all of the candy, binge-watch that tv-show you have been wanting to catch up on for ages – just be a sloth, sometimes that is the best thing you can do for yourself and your mental health ♥


  • Jeg elsker også gåture – hvis man er ordentligt pakket ind, er det skønt at vandre i kulden, og komme hjem til skoldhed kaffe, guf og varme sokker.

    – A

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
    • Signe - A Million Miles

      Ja så længe man er klædt ordentligt på, så er det bare noget af det bedste :D

      Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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