Creamy veggie curry with peanut butter and butter beans

Fall Favorites // Earthy tones and patterns

Teddy jacket · Notebook · Wool hat · Tortouise sunglasses · Tortoise phonecase · HP mug · Checkered blazer · Wool coat · Knitted hat · Leo skirt · Knitted gloves · Wool scarf · Croc bag · Checkered bag · Winter boots · Tortoise earrings · Scented candle · Daylight alarm clock

I am usually all about bright colors, but at the moment I dream about a fall and winter dressed in soft earthy tones from head to toe. I am not sure that it would be the best match for my pale complexion though, so I guess it is a good thing that my bank account doesn’t really allow any shopping sprees at the moment – I am getting good at practicing my “the glass is half full” attitude right? ;)

One thing that I have been investing in though is a SAD sunlight lamp to help me get through winter and I am thinking of getting a daylight alarm clock as well to help me get up in the morning – have any of you tried one of those? I really struggle with the darkness in fall/winter, so I hope these items will be good investments in my health and wellbeing.


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Creamy veggie curry with peanut butter and butter beans