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Get to know me // 10 random facts pt. 4

Evening lovelies, can you believe that the weekend is almost here?! This week has gone by so fast!

I spent the first half of it being sick and now I am desperately trying to catch up on work, which means that it is time for a light, fluffy and very random post, but I will be back with more recipes soon I promise!

I still feel a bit weird about getting personal on here, but I always love when other bloggers do these kinds of posts and I know from the amount of views on my first three posts that you guys love them as well, so I thought I would do another one ♥

Make sure to check out part one, two and three as well ♥

1.) Despite what the photo above might imply, then I actually hate being at the beach. There’s so much sand everywhere.. that usually ends up everywhere.. I can never get comfortable (bad back problems), I would rather break something than go into the water (aka. shark city) and not having access to a toilet will 100% guarantee that I will need to pee within the first 10 minutes upon our arrival.

2.) I dream of opening an Etsy shop or a little boutique with handmade products one day… I am just not 100% sure what I want to sell – minor detail right?! ;)

3.) I only just realized at the beginning of this month that I haven’t been keeping up with my bucket list for 2018 at all, so now I am trying to check as many goals as possible off the list before New Years – this means that my Youtube channel will finally launch this weekend!! I am terrified and excited at the same time.

4.) I used to think Youtube were only for teenagers (granny much?) and music videos, but after I have discovered an older segments of Youtubers (as in above the age of 25), who aren’t all about obnoxious pranks and weird challenges, I have just become completely obsessed! There are so many inspiring and motivational Youtubers out there and I just can’t believe that it took me this long to realize it.

5.) I still don’t understand why videos of people cleaning their house or performing other tedious tasks like that are so popular though?!

6.) I love being creative and I have finally started getting back into painting and doing little DIY’s after taking a long break – I am not very skilled to be honest, but as long as you have fun, then that is all that matters right?

7.) Getting back into DIY’s have gotten me hooked on doing little projects around the house as well and I am even going to fix up one of the rooms in the attic and turn it into an office/craft room, which I am incredibly excited about! This also means that my christmas wish list now contains not one, but two power tools – I never saw that one coming!

8.) I am 29 years old and I still do not have a drivers license (one thing I wont be able to check off my bucket list this year). When we were 17/18 and my friends starting taking their licenses I had major surgery (spinal fusion) due to scoliosis and couldn’t take my license with them. I tried taking it twice afterwards, but the first time the owner of the driving school very tragically passed away and the school closed. The second time I got the opportunity to quite spontaneously travel to Russia for a month and had to drop out of the classes I was taking. I am terrified of driving and since I live in the city I haven’t really ever needed a car, but it is one of my goals for 2019 to finally get my license.

9.) The number one reason that I want to get my drivers license is so I can go to IKEA, plant nurseries and hardware stores and actually buy aaaall of the things without worrying how to get them home.

10.) I am known to be a total plant lady, but the truth is that I am actually kinda horrible at taking care of the 17628462 plants in my house and garden. I constantly forget to water them, very rarely use any kind of fertilizer and have never repotted any of them. Most of them seem to thrive anyway though, seriously I think it is impossible to kill a monstera!?


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