Healthified baked pumpkin donuts with warming spices

Link Love // Women supporting women, winter must-haves, droolworthy recipes and more

Good evening lovelies, are you ready for another Link Love post? ♥

This week it will be all about winter must-haves, my new favorite Youtubers, a bit of ancient Egyptian girl power and women supporting women + I will of course also share some of all the delicious recipes that I am drooling over these days!

If you are new to my Link Love posts, then let me just give you a quick introduction; these posts are a mix of all the things that I am passionate about at the moment and want to share with you guys. One of the things that I will make sure to share every time is links to other influencers (youtubers, bloggers etc.) as this is sadly quite a competitive business, which I do not really care for and I feel like it is important to support each other and share the love – there is more than enough to go around! ♥

Women supporting women – Influencers I adore

Ilirida Krasniqi
Last Sunday Ilirida were wrongfully used as an example of an influencer who buys their Instagram followers on national television. The problem is that they were wrong (something that is very clear and obvious if you spend a minute looking through her Instagram account) and no one seems to take responsibility for it, which is – excuse my language – such a shitty thing to do.

Ilirida is such a beautiful, stylish and hard working young woman who have spent years building a following and it is incredibly unfair that she was treated this way. Women should support other women, not try to tear them down.

Dainty Diaries
I discovered Catherine through Youtube last week and I am completely hooked on her videos and her beautiful positive attitude! I have already watched so many of her videos and they always leave me with a smile on my face and a newfound can-do attitude. She has inspired me to get started on so many projects around the house that I had postponed until my dad could come and help me, but that I am now going to give a try on my own – hey I am a strong independent woman, I can do it myself! ..or at least give it a try and then have my dad come help me with the mess if I fail ;)

Kattnip Illustrations
I stumbled upon Catherine’s Youtube channel a couple of weeks ago and I was immediately hooked on her videos, her bubbly personality and her pastel colored marshmellow universe. She is such a talented illustrator and I love watching her studio vlogs where she shares what really goes into running an Etsy shop (I have dreamed of starting my own Etsy shop for years, so it is so fascinating to learn more about this), how she makes her products and much more, I love getting thesee little glimpses behind the scenes and I am just obsessed with her cute illustrations! ♥

Interesting articles

How One Millennial Entrepreneur Is Going to Save the World With Hand Soap

What If Lapses in Confidence at Work Are a Good Thing?

Should women rule the world? The Queens of ancient Egypt say yes.

Here’s Why Fancy Coffee Costs So Much More

This seasons musthaves

Beurer Portable SAD Lamp (affiliate link) I just ordered this budget-friendly daylight lamp that will hopefully help me be able to combat my yearly struggle with seasonally affective disorder (SAD) before it even really gets a chance to start. It is supposed to be extremely effective, so I cannot believe that I haven’t bought one earlier, it is a cheap price to pay if I will avoid being too affected by SAD this winter season.

New Look Tailored Maxi Coat I would love to add this budget-friendly camel coat to my winter wardrobe, it is such classic style that I would be able to wear for years.

Kager – hver dag (sorry this one is in Danish only) Sødeste May aka. Sydhavnsmor har udgivet en bog med ikke bare de lækreste, men også de sundeste mel- og sukkerfri kager, der indeholder 100-200 gram grøntsager pr. portion og som kan fungere som et måltid i sig selv – kage til aftensmad?! JA TAK! ♥

Recipes I am drooling over

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars

Chickpea Curry Stuffed Pita with Dill Yogurt

Coffee And Citrus Salmon Poke Bowl

Healthified baked pumpkin donuts with warming spices


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