3 easy and healthy Christmas treats // Gingerbread, cacao & peppermint (w. video)

Luxurious Christmas treats – spoil your guests the easy no fuss way

Advertisement. This post is made in collaboration with Lidl.

Okay guys, if you think that I am done spamming you with delicious Christmas treats, then you are very, very wrong ;)

Today I want to share ideas and recipes for some luxurious and beyond delicious Christmas treats that still goes with my philosophy for Christmas food; I want as much as possible to be quick and easy to make -most of us are strapped for time and a bit stressed in December – but of course without compromising the quality, taste and presentation of what I serve.

Colorful dessert platters are the perfect solution for this, they look over-the-top and super indulgent, but they can be put together in no time (most can even be prepped the day before) and they are easy to customize to your guests and their likings, so you know that there will be something for everyone.

In this post I will mainly be using products from the new Lidl WH line and I just want to quickly introduce you guys to these products as I am beyond impressed with the quality, packaging and flavors of everything that I have tried so far. Lidl has teamed up with gourmet chef Wassim to introduce a new line of high quality products for their stores, many of the products are organic (including everything used in this post) and from several small local manufacturers here in Denmark, which is exactly the kind of products that I adore ♥

Christmas dessert platter

Hazelnut mousse with cacao nibs – recipe below
Danish konfekt – recipe below
Lidl WH apricots, figs and dates covered in dark chocolate
Four kinds of Lidl Wh Chocolate covered Marzipan bars with licorice, rhubarb and pistachios
Four kinds of Lidl WH chocolate covered almonds with raspberry, passion fruit, licorice and cacao
Red grapes

Hazelnut mousse with cacao nibs

– Yields 4 servings
200 grams nougat (I used a mix of light and dark)
3.5 deciliter whipping cream
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla powder

Start by melting the nougat in a warm water bath. Whisk the whipping cream until it is light and foamy (the step before it turns to whipped cream), then add 1/3 of the cream to the melted nougat (make sure the nougat isn’t too warm, it should be melted and lukewarm) and whisk it throughly.

Add the nougat/cream mix to the rest of the cream and gently, but quickly fold it in. Pour the mousse into 4 glasses and leave it to set in the fridge until serving.

I served the mousse with chopped roasted hazelnuts and cacao nibs.

Danish konfekt aka. Christmas treats w. marcipan, nougat and nuts

Cacao nibs

Start by rolling out the marzipan with a rolling pin. Then use cookie cutters to create cute little shapes in varying sizes.

Melt the nougat in a water bath and add chopped nuts, cacao nibs or whatever you desire. Let it set a little so it isn’t too runny before pouring the nougat into cookie cutters placed on a chopping board lined with parchment paper. Place it in the fridge until is has set and is ready to pop out of the cookie cutters.

Arrange the marzipan, nougat, chopped nuts and whatever toppings you prefer. Serve right away or keep in the fridge in an airtight container.


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