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My Christmas bucket list // 10 things I want to do before Christmas is over

Aahh Christmas is almost here and it is both exciting and a little stressful at the same time! ♥

Time always just flies by in December and I rarely get to do all the things have planned, so this year I am making a little Christmas bucket list to make sure I check off as much as possible before Christmas and the holidays are over. It is not meant as a stressful to-do list, but more as a joyous list of things that I have been looking forward to and that I hope I will be able to do during Christmas.

Do you have a Christmas bucket list or things that you hope to do before Christmas and the holidays are over? Maybe some family traditions? Or something that you have been looking forward to do when you finally have some time off? ♥

1.) Wrap all my presents in cute, but eco friendly paper, fabric ribbon, twigs of greenery and little handmade clay tags – kinda like this. Unless I am extremely strapped for time, then I always try to wrap my presents myself as I feel like it is so much more personal and I always love adding little cute handmade touches to it. Do you have a theme when you wrap your gifts? I love when you can tell that there have been put thought into it.

2.) Make a wreath for our front door. I usually like to have a wreath up by late November, but I got sick and time just went by way too fast. I don’t think it is too late though, I am going to make one with a simpel winter theme rather than a Christmas one, so that we will be able to enjoy it in January as well. Have you made a wreath?

3.) I need to make enough homemade gifts to bring with me when I go home to celebrate Christmas with my family, I like to add them in with my store-bought gifts, use them as host/hostess gifts + I always try to have extra on hand to give to friends and family who stops by – a lot of unexpected visits seem to happen during Christmas and I love to be able to surprise them with little handmade gifts ♥

4.) Watch as many Christmas movies as possible. I need to re-watch my favorites – The Family Stone, The Holiday, Home Alone, Love Actually and How the Grinch stole Christmas – and I want to watch some of all those super cheesy, but cute Hallmark’ish movies as well. I mean, it’s tradition right?!

5.) Stop by at least one more Christmas market and drink hot cocoa, enjoy freshly baked treats and maybe pick up a new ornament or two.

6.) Take advantage of the fact that I will be getting out of the city, I want to go for long walks out in the fresh crisp air while I stay at my parents place – nothing is better to clear your mind and I really miss being surrounded by nature. My cousin lives nearby, so I hope to go for a walk with her and her cute (but totally ADHD) little puppy.

7.) Light a candle for my aunt and grandmother who passed away. I am not very good at taking the time to remember them properly, so I want to light a candle for them, look at photos, reminisce a little ♥

8.) Play cards and boardgames with my family, it is the perfect way to spend time together without anyone being on their phones, laptops, watching tv etc. – pure quality time!

9.) Bake gingerbread cookies, make konfekt and christmas bliss balls so we have enough for the holidays and everyone who comes over. I really want to decorate the gingerbread cookies, but I am awful at the icing, do you guys have any tips? Mine is always a bit of a mess, haha definitely not very pinterest’y looking ;)

10.) Go through my things and find items to donate, it is getting cold and I know there are others who would appreciate some of the things in the back of my closet way more than I do. If you want to donate to homeless shelters or women’s shelters, then I know that they really appreciate receiving hygiene products like deodorant, soap, shampoo as well + especially personal hygiene products like pads and tampons are very much needed. Do not donate menstrual cups, I know it might seem like a good idea since they last for years, but many of these women do not have access to properly disinfect them and it can turn out to be a real health risk.


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