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Inspiration for our new sunroom + the furniture and decor we are dreaming of

Good morning lovelies, I hope you have had a great week and are enjoying the weekend ♥

I have spent all morning looking through Pinterest to find inspiration for the new sun room that will hopefully be constructed within the next month or so. It was actually supposed to be built two years ago, but we have had some very bad luck with flaky contractors that all ended up bailing on us, so nothing have happened yet.. third times the charm though right?! At least I really hope so..

So about the upcoming construction, I am not actually sure sun room is the right English word for it, maybe patio is better? The situation is this; when we bough the house there was already cast a concrete foundation for a tool shed out in the space between the two gardens, but we don’t really have any need for that, so we decided that we wanted to turn it into a cosy covered outdoor area instead. The plan is to have three walls put up, wooden floors put in (some sturdy weatherproof ones) and a clear roof so the sun can shine through. So it isn’t completely closed off as we wanted it to be apart of the garden, but with the opportunity to provide us shelter in this quite unpredictable Danish weather.

The build will be very simple as we are on a tight budget, but we are planning on really sprucing it up with lots of plants, cosy furniture, pillows and throws, light chains and cute little knick-knacks – all of that on a budget as well of course, but you can find some good stuff that won’t break the bank in places like Ikea and Jysk.

The look we are going for are kind of Scandinavian bohemian in cream color tones, but with a touch of color inspired by our travels to Morocco. I have put together a little collage with some of the items that I’ve got my eyes on, so you can get an idea of the vibe that we like – imagine it being mixed with some cute colorful pillows and poufs from Morocco. I would love to be able to go back there soon, so we can bring some treasures back from souk. I know we can find the same items imported here, but it isn’t as special as something you have handpicked and brought home yourself.

Do you like the look we are going for? And do you have any recommendations for budget-friendly places to find furniture and decor items in this style? Any help would be greatly appreciated ♥

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