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Signe Leth. 26. Copenhagen, Denmark. Girlboss in training, BA in law, freelance food writer and blogger right here on A Million Miles.

Welcome to A Million Miles! My name is Signe, I am a 26 year old food blogger and freelance food writer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a foodie, a dreamer, a little bit of a crazy cat lady and the one who runs things here on A Million Miles.

A Million Miles is dedicated to easy, healthy and colourful food of all kinds. You will be able to find recipes for everything from smoothies, juices and salads to healthified burgers, pizzas and desserts. The common denominator is that my recipes are healthy and easy to make – also for those who are not super experienced in the kitchen.

I am not a chef, nutritionist, wellness coach or anything of the sort, I am simply a student who decided to change my old habits and live a healthier life with unprocessed, nutritious and colorful food. I do not follow a certain lifestyle or eat according to certain rules – I am not vegetarian, vegan, paleo, lchf or anything else, the only things I try to completely avoid are labels and restrictions. I love sharing my journey, newfound knowledge and recipes with you lovelies out there and you all inspire and motivate me to continue with this lifestyle – and to return to it when I have strayed a little and had an affair with pizza, chocolate and candy ;)

I believe in finding a healthy balance where there is also room to indulge and enjoy the less (or not at all) healthy things every now and then. Many people are surprised by this, but I am actually such a sugar addict – I guess I should say former sugar addict, but I feel like the cravings are kinda always there – and even though I mainly eat healthy, I absolutely love to indulge in a total sugar feast once in a while, candy, soda, chocolate – haha you name it, I’ll probably eat it ;)

I like to think of A Million Miles as a place that offers support and inspiration to a healthy lifestyle without any judgement or opinions being imposed on you, on A Million Miles there is room for all types of lifestyles/diets and there is also room to indulge in the less healthy foods as well.

Thank you for reading! I hope you like the blog, constructive criticism, suggestions and requests are always very welcome.