Super easy foodie DIY // Sprouting chia seeds

Super easy foodie DIY // Sprouting chia seeds

Hi lovelies, you really seemed to love my last little DIY post, so I thought I would share another one with you. This time it is a foodie one. I have been wanting to start sprouting for a while now and I even bought a clay pot for sprouting, but something about it just seemed a bit difficult and intimidating (silly I know), so I haven’t tried it yet. I have however been sprouting chia seeds for a while now (read all about chia seeds and their amazing benefits right here!) and it is just beyond easy! You really have to give a try!

These babies only need 5 minutes of your time in total and in just 5-6 days you will have your very own cute and homegrown chia cress. I love to use it in salads or as garnish for my little creations, it can really brighten up everything and add that little something extra ❤︎

Super easy foodie DIY // Sprouting chia seeds

What you will need:
Chia seeds – buy it right here (black) and here (white)
Cotton wool roll
A tray or plate

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Super easy foodie DIY // Sprouting chia seeds

Simply place the cotton wool roll on a tray or plate, add water until the cotton wool is soaked and then sprinkle the chia seeds on top. Check it everyday and make sure it does not dry out, water it every 1-2 days. The chia seeds should have sprouted and be ready to use after 6 days – have fun and enjoy!

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Easy DIY // Homemade essential oil diffuser

Easy homemade essential oil diffuser

It has been a while since my last DIY project, so when I saw this post over on the blog Valdemarsro for a super easy DIY essential oil diffuser I just knew I had to give it a try! I absolutely love burning scented candles, but we all know that they sadly aren’t very healthy for us, so I have been meaning to give an essential oil diffuser a try for a while now and when I saw just how easy this DIY is, I just had to make one right away!

I was a bit impatient and wanted to give it a try even though I am all out of almond oil and don’t have any baby oil, so I used jojoba oil instead (hence the yellow color) and only made a small batch since I am going to LA on monday. It worked out perfectly though and my livingroom is now filled with the loveliest subtle rose scent – I am definitely making more of these for the rest of the house when I get home! I just love how easy and inexpensive this DIY is + you can completely customize the scents and you have full control over the ingredients, so you are sure that there are no added nasties.

All credit for this idea goes to Ann-Christine from Valdemarsro – make sure to check out her blog if you are not following it already ❤︎

Easy homemade essential oil diffuser

What you’ll need:
Almond oil or baby oil (about 1 deciliter/0.4 cup)
Your favorite essential oils (about 30-50 drops)
A decorative glass bottle
6-10 wooden skewers
Optional: dried flowers petals

Easy homemade essential oil diffuser

Simply add the dried flowers (if you want to use them), the almond or baby oil, essential oils (you can use one or more scents that complement each other, I simply used a rose one) and the wooden skewers to the glass bottle. Stir well and let it rest. The following day you turn the skewers upside down and the diffuser is ready to fill the room with a lovely light and subtle scent from the essential oils, enjoy!

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Friday Favorites // 8 natural homemade beauty products

 photo ny-1.jpg
Whittening peppermint toothpaste by Happy Healthnut – find the recipe right here!

Friday is here, which means that it is time for Friday Favorites and this week it will be all about natural homemade beauty products. When I started to change my lifestyle and eating habits a couple of years back I also started to pay attention to other things in life that have an effect on my health and wellbeing. One of those things were my skin care products, most of the products I used were so full of chemicals that it is actually kind of scary. I am not a fanatic when it comes to these things and I do still use products that are probably full of nasties, but I am slowly trying to sub them for healthier, natural options. The problem with natural and organic products are that they are usually very expensive and since I am on a limited budget I have started to look into making some of my beauty products on my own. When they’re homemade you will know exactly what’s in them and you can adjust the ingredients to suit your needs and skin type + you can use your favorite natural fragrances like rose or vanilla! I have collected 8 amazing homemade beauty recipes that I want to give a try asap, I hope you like them!

Do you make your own beauty products? And do you have a favorite product/recipe that you can recommend? I am always looking for new things to try :)

 photo Bathbombs.jpg
Natural bath bombs by Lovely Greens – find the recipe right here!

 photo Lipbalm.jpg
Essential lip balms by dóTERRA Blog – find the recipe right here!

 photo Scrub.jpg
Orange and pomegranate sugar scrub by Turning the Clock Back – find the recipe right here!

 photo Mask.jpg
3 simple and quick homemade clay mask recipes by Live Simply – find the recipe right here!

 photo Facemist.jpg
Refreshing face mists by Design Love Fest – find the recipe right here!

 photo Unknown-6.jpg
Homemade body butter by She Wears Many Hats – find the recipe right here!

 photo nyy.jpg
Lavender dry shampoo by The Chalkboard – find the recipe right here!