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As I wrote in this post I have finally started working out again, which feels incredibly good, but I really need some new workout wear. I already have a lot of it, but most of my more fall appropriate workout gear is so worndown that is is getting a little embarrassing and since Asos is having a big Halloween sale today that gives you 20% off EVERYTHING (sale included!) with the code MAJOR20, then I think it is the perfect excuse to get a couple of new things from Nike! Haha I love that brand a little too much! I have put together a little post with some of my favorite Nike picks, but I probably have to be sensible and stick with a par of fall appropriate tights and a shirt or jacket for running outside as that is what I need the most + maybe this beyond perfect pair of over knee boots that I am just not sure I can live without ;)

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Nike swoosh leggings – here! // Nike packable jacket – here! // Nike slim fit sweatpants – here!

Nike double layer tanktop – here! // Nike shape sportsbra – here and similar here! // Nike raceback tanktop – here!

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The Nike addiction continues – time to stock up on sale items!

 photo IMG_1786.jpg

Hi lovelies, are you ready for the Nike obsession to continue? Haha I am sorry that I keep tempting you with good deals on Nike, but I can tell that many of you loves Nike gear as much as I do, so I just had to share my latest finds with you guys. I am finally getting back into a proper workout routine, so I am going to reward myself with some new workout wear, haha it’s the best kind of motivation ;) It is actually quite necessary though, I may not have worked out much in the last year, but I always wear my Nike gear when I work from home, go grocery shopping etc. so a lot of it is starting to look a bit worn-out and needs to be replaced + almost all of my sports-bras are too small now, so I really need new ones!

Most of these are sale items, but I found some favorites that I just had to include as well even though they are not on sale. Do you have a favorite item? I think the items in the first row would make the perfect outfit – haha for working out in private at least, I personally do not like to wear that little out in public, nobody needs to see that much of me ;)

Let’s get moving! Nike, Puma & Adidas 20% off!

 photo IMG_1624.jpg

So um you know how I was finally getting back on track with my workouts? It was going so well, I was starting to enjoy it again and then last week happened and I didn’t even work out once! I am not letting that become a habit again though, I am on way out the door for a run in the park and then I will do some exercises when I get back. I haven’t really written much about running, fitness, workouts etc. here on the blog and it is probably not anything that is ever going to take up too much space here, but I like to write about every now and then – haha it helps me stay on track, which is much needed these days! I am planning to write a bit more about it in the future though, mostly to share ideas, motivation and programmes/videos that I like and find effective, but also to write about one of my absolute favorite things on this earth – workout wear!! Haha I wear my workout wear wayy too much, but that is one of the perks of working from home ;)

Since I also wear my workout wear when I am not working out, then it obviously gets worn down faster and I really need to replace a lot of my favorite items. I have been putting it off since I spend most of my money on decoration my new place and saving up for re-doing the garden, BUT today you can get 20% off your entire order on ASOS with the code ‘YESPLEASE’, which means that I think it is time to stock up on some of my musthaves. I have shared some of my favorite items below, I usually go for the all black/white/grey outfits, but I am starting to get strangely fond of colors as well – haha which should be quite evident from some of the Adidas items I have picked!

Use the code ‘YESPLEASE’ at the checkout to get 20% off your entire ASOS order – only valid until tomorrow morning!

Affiliate links. Adidas: 3 stripe leggings – buy it here! Grey tank top – get it here! Black tank top – get it here! Leggings with trefoil logo – get it here!

Affiliate links. Puma: Sports-bra – buy it here! Leggings – get it here! Sheer mesh top – buy it here! Track jacket – buy it here!

Affiliate links. Nike: Tank top – buy it here! Sneaks – buy them here! Sports-bra – buy it here! Double layered tank – buy it here!

Affiliate links. Nike: Sweat pants – buy them here! Sneaks – buy them here! Sports-bra – buy it here! Sweatpants – buy them here!

Affiliate links. Puma: Pink sweatshirt – buy it here! Beige sweatshirt – buy it here! Pink t-shirt – buy it here! Beige t-shirt – buy it here!

Affiliate links. Adidas: Sports-bra – buy it here! Shorts – buy it here! Jacket – buy it here!

Affiliate links. Nike: Short – buy them here! Jumper – buy it here!

Nike addict pt. 4 // Blue and yellow

 photo IMG_1624.jpg

It is time for the fourth and final post in my little `Nike Addict´ miniseries where I share the links to some of my favorite Nike items and this time it will be all about blue(‘ish) and yellow colors – you can find part one here (all white), part two here (all black) and part three here (pink and purple).

It has been a lot of fun searching the net for Nike gear for these posts, but I am kinda glad this is the last one because I could not help but feel super tempted to get some things for myself even though I already have obscene amounts of Nike! Haha I managed to control myself though since I am saving up for some non-Nike fall clothes (H&M Studio AW14 anyone?! In love with that collection!), but I hope that some of you lovelies might find something you like, enjoy!

 photo b31703db-8d67-4188-8a12-77388005d471.jpg
 photo c47747da-b50d-4c4f-80b9-dd2ef4fc4fad.jpg
 photo b6fa81b2-0157-481f-93e8-f60b90f26f12.jpg
 photo 4816d2b2-b801-4046-a2b5-c063bd24f36c.jpg

Links: 1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12.

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Nike addict pt. 3 // Pink and purple

 photo IMG_1784.jpg

It is time for `Nike Addict´part 3 and this time it is all about pink and purple! As I wrote in my last `Nike addict´post my favorite color to wear to the gym is black, but I love wearing a pop of color to the gym as well, it somehow puts me in a good mood – especially during winter where everything is dark and cold. My go-to colors when I want to switch up my workout clothes and wear something more exciting than black are usually colors like pink and purple, I think it is because I do not wear makeup to the gym and my hair is always just tied up in a messy ponytail, so it is nice to add a bit of feminine touch with some girly colors.

 photo Nikepurple.jpg

 photo Nikepink.jpg
 photo Nikepurple-1.jpg
 photo NikePink.jpg

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12.

This post contains affiliate links.

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