My Christmas gifts + living room sneak peek


Good afternoon lovelies ♥ I had planned to make a post about my Christmas gifts weeks ago, but life happened and it moved to the back of my to-do list, but better late than never right? I know it might seem a bit superficial and materialistic to show of gifts, but I personally love these kind of posts, I think they are a fun and cosy way to get to know one another a little bit better + I love to find inspiration in them as well ♥

I photographed some of my Christmas gifts the other day while re-arranging my livings room a little (it is really starting to come together), but I didn’t manage to photograph everything, so let me just go through the ones I didn’t photograph first.

Some of my favorite gifts were Broste Copenhagen plates in Nordic Sand that I have been dreaming about for ages! I got these and these and they are just perfect! Very Scandinavian and minimalistic, but with a rustic touch and since they are handmade not two are exactly the same. I need to buy some more if I want a full set for when I have guests over (I have so many different plates because of what I do, but never more than 4 of the same kind), but it is a great start. I also got this lovely salad bowl that matches the plates ♥

My uncle got me quite an unexpected gift that wasn’t on my wish list, but it is one of my absolutely favorite gifts – he got me this beyond beautiful blue bowl. I am going to use it for serving salads and such when I have guests over, but it is too pretty to hide away in a cupboard, so when I don’t have guests over I use it as a fruit bowl – it completely brightens up my dining room! I love to receive unexpected heartfelt gifts like these, I am so thankful ♥


Another of my absolute favorite Christmas gifts are this cute and retro light pink record player that I got from my parents. I have been wanting record player for years, so I was beyond thrilled when I found this beauty underneath the tree ♥

It probably seems a bit silly to some to get a record player in this day and age with pretty much all music being easily available and often free online, but I just think there is something very special about collecting records. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love services like Spotify and I use them everyday, but I feel like these kind of services has made music less special. You have access to everything at all times without any or much cost, which for me personally have meant that I don’t really appreciate or enjoy music the same way that I used to.

It used to be so special when one of your favorite artist released a new album and you had to save up to buy the CD (I was a teenager the last time I actually bought CD’s) and then you would listen to it non-stop for days, weeks, months and you would listen to the entire CD, not just the singles. Buying a new vinyl for my record player makes me feel feel the same way about music as I did when I was a teenager. It is special again. Buying a vinyl can cost the same as three months Spotify membership, so I don’t just buy at random. I carefully select records that are special to me, albums from some of my favorite artists, old classics that will never go out of style or those new classics that I have been listening to on repeat for months on end.

It probably all sounds a bit geeky, I know, but for a music lover this pink beauty is really something special ♥


I also got my two very first records for Christmas. My parents got me Amy Winehouse Back to Black and my sister got me The Weeknd House of Balloons – both have been played non-stop ever since I got back from my Christmas holiday ♥

My new afternoon ritual is to put on a record and then take half an hour to just relax with a cup of matcha tea, a piece of organic dark chocolate (hah sounds a bit pretentious I know, but I am sticking to the healthier treats after Christmas and too much indulging) along with either a bit of writing (the non-workrelated kind) or some light reading. It is the perfect little time out and an important part of me working on being more relaxed, present and mindful instead of just going through my busy (work)days on autopilot.


One of the things I have on my bucket list for 2018 (will share it soon) is to read at least 12 books. I know it does not sound like much, but ever since I went to law school and had to read large amounts of law literature and legislation, then I completely lost my love of reading. I know it is still there and I am slowly finding it again, so to help me really get back into reading I have decided that I will need to read at least a book a month this year. Before law school I would read a good book in just a day, so it should be manageable to get through one a month – at least I hope so! ;)

To be able to check this goal off my bucket list, then I will of course need books to read, so I had put a couple on my wish list and I was lucky enough to get this beautiful book Note to self by Connor Franta. It has been recommended by several of my favorite influencers and it has gotten a lot of hype lately, so I am excited to see if it can live up to my expectations.

I also got this super fun book that I am so excited to start using!

Let me know if you want me to share the books I plan on reading this year and please share your favorite books as well, I could really use some inspiration ♥

fil-09-01-2018-23-13-22 fil-09-01-2018-23-13-06

I am starting to notice a bit of a pink theme in Christmas gifts – next up we have this (affiliate link) amazing new fragrance Bloom by Gucci. I am completely obsessed with this flowery scent that works perfectly both in the daytime and at night – it is always a big plus my book when a perfume possess that quality!

Other than the scent, I really love the packaging, it is a bit silly, but I just love perfumes and beauty products that much more when they come in pretty packaging ♥

fil-09-01-2018-23-03-36 fil-09-01-2018-23-03-17

Some of you already know that I collect cute/silly mugs (see my unicorn mug here and elephant mug here), so I was thrilled to find this adorable sloth mug under the tree – I mean how cute is this?! It actually goes perfectly with my new plates, so I a bit sad that I didn’t manage to get my hands on some more of these mugs before they sold out. Definitely a new favorite of mine ♥

I actually got my sister the same kind of mug, but in light pink with unicorns instead of sloths, she shows the mug right here and you can buy it right here.


And that was the last one I think, my family definitely spoiled me this year! I hope they love the gifts that I got them just as much as I love the ones they got me ♥

My rustic Scandinavian Christmas table setting

fil-19-11-2017-21-09-15 fil-19-11-2017-21-07-35
Sponsored. This post is made in collaboration with Ellos.

This year I am more excited about Christmas than I have been for a nearly a decade, I feel like a five year old who just cannot wait for it to be time to decorate, eat Christmas cookies and open my Christmas calendar! It feels good to be excited about Christmas again, so this year I have decided to go all in on all things Christmas! I have bought Christmas decorations, I am making my family advent calendars and I am already planning to throw several little Christmas dinners for my friends and family.

I am quite new to hosting dinner parties since I used to live in the tiniest apartment, where I could not comfortably seat more than three, maybe four people at a time, so I have been playing around with different ways to style the table for my upcoming Christmas dinners. I like to keep it quite simple and without too many colors or too much glitz, so after playing around with different looks, I decided to go for a rustic Scandinavian feel, but still with a bit of added glam in the form of marble and gold details.

Do you like how the look turned out? I styled my Christmas table with some of my favorite Ellos items from their Christmas campaign and I personally love how it turned out. It is important to me that it looks good, but that it isn’t too styled or stiff as the most important thing for me is that it gives a warm and cosy feel that really sets the mood for a lovely and relaxed night.

I am so excited to share all the details with you guys, scroll down for more photos + the links to alle the items that I have used to style the table, enjoy! ♥

fil-19-11-2017-15-39-42 fil-19-11-2017-21-07-25

I like to mix it up when it comes to tableware, so I chose to use two different kind of plates to add some contrast. The dinner plates are all black and a bit dramatic, which I absolutely love! Since this is a Christmas table though, I didn’t want the look to be too dramatic, so I chose to style them with light grey plates, but with a black border to really tie it all together.

I am a bit obsessed with linen at the moment, so I of course had to add washed linen napkins to the table as well. I folded them and added a little pine branch as well as a cinnamon stick to each that I tied with hemp cord for a cute and festive detail to add to the plates.

For the cutlery I went for the darker colors as well to match the plates and the overall feel of the table setting – you can find the forks right here, the knifes here, the tablespoons here and the coffee spoons here!

fil-19-11-2017-21-09-54 fil-19-11-2017-21-10-56 fil-19-11-2017-21-09-44

I am not really into super colorful and over the top Christmas decorations, so when I saw these chic and minimalistic Christmas tree cones in marble and gold, then I just knew that I had to get them. They are glam and festive and they add a really nice touch to the table without being too much – these are pretty much an instant classic in my little collection of Christmas decorations!

Another one of my favorite pieces is this gorgeous white marble tray that I used to serve my freshly baked gingerbread cookies on – there is nothing better than the first Christmas cookies of the year! And this year baking got a little extra glam as I used these fancy gold cookies cutters to make them.

And last, but not least, to help tie it all together I added a simple beige table runner that I borrowed from my sister (not sure she will get that one back) and to make it a bit more festive (it is Christmas after all), I added pine branches, pine cones and acorns to the table for an inexpensive and nature themed table setting with a rustic Scandinavian feel. It makes me think of my family’s house in the beautiful forests of Sweden where we used to go to celebrate Christmas ♥

I hope you found some useful inspiration in my styling – make sure to check out Ellos Christmas campaign for more inspiration on how to style not only your table, but also your home for Christmas. 

fil-19-11-2017-15-38-55 fil-19-11-2017-21-08-08 fil-19-11-2017-21-08-19

New in // Art print for a good cause


Good evening to all of you out there behind the screen, I hope you have an amazing weekend planned ♥

I have a pretty packed schedule this week with both a lot of work, social plans and the overwhelming project of finally organizing my entire apartment and getting rid of all those unnecessary things that take up way too much space! It is going to take ages to re-organize everything, but it has been stressing me out for a while, so it is about time. At least I have a long list of podcasts to keep me entertained while I organize and clean.

Anyways, what I really stopped by to share with you guys is my new art poster by Christiane Spangsberg. I have been admiring her work on Instagram for a long time, so when I saw that she collaborated with Kræftens Bekæmpelse to make this lovely poster, then I just knew I had to get my hands on it!

Christiane usually never sells her art as prints or posters, so this is a rare opportunity to purchase her art at a much more affordable price than her beautiful, but of course pricier paintings and one-of-a-kind prints. The best part is that this very limited edition art poster is made to raise money and awareness in the fight against breast cancer ♥

You can buy the poster right here!


My favorite ceramics // Studio Arhoj

Morning lovelies, are you ready for some more of my favorite ceramics? ♥

This time I am not showing off items from my personal collection, but rather pieces that I am dreaming to add to my collection sometime in the future. I stumbled upon Studio Arhoj’s beautiful ceramics a couple of months ago and I have been obsessed ever since! Studio Arhoj is a Danish interior and design studio that makes the most beautiful ceramics with inspiration from Japanese culture.

I love how colorful and unique their pieces are, like little pieces of artwork that I would love to collect and mix-and-match for a wonderful sea of color. Just imagine how good my matcha lattes would look in one of these bowls ♥

You can buy Studio Arhoj ceramics right here and you can find a store locator right here

20% off my favorite Ellos rugs


Evening babes ♥ I am just quickly stopping by to share that my favorite rugs are 20% off at the moment. A lot of you have been messaging me about them over on Instagram, so I thought it was worth sharing. I have these rugs in my livingroom and dinning room and this rug in my corridor (it is super practical, you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth if it gets dirty) and I absolutely LOVE them! They really help bring the rooms together and add such a cosy touch + the cats are obsessed with them ♥

You can find all the rugs at 20% off right here – the discount is valid until the 23rd.