Busted! Yes I “cheat” and buy prepped or ready-made food, here’s why

Evening lovelies! Today’s post is going to be a bit different from the usual, but it is something that I have been wanting to discuss for a while and I received a message yesterday that made me a quite angry to be honest, so here we go! ;) Yesterday I shared the above photo on my Instagram and Tumblr, it is photo of a store-bought ready-made breakfast parfait that I bought after a meeting to enjoy on the train on my way home. I was extremely hungry, but the train was so crowded that I didn’t feel like eating it until I got home (hence the extra toppings).

The message I received about the photo was very impolite, angry, condescending and preachy. The woman who sent it were very upset that I apparently often seem to buy these kind of ready-made meals as she finds them to be for lazy and unhealthy people that doesn’t care about the environment. She wrote that I should be ashamed of myself to promote these kinds of meals. She also accused me of passing store-bought meals of as my own and acted as if the photo from yesterday was prof and that I was finally busted. The whole thing honestly seems super bizarre to me, but I have noticed that a lot of people (especially on social media) are shaming others for buying ready-made meals or for example prepped/pre-chopped veggies, salads etc. and it really bugs me, so I thought I would write a quick post with my thoughts on the whole thing.

I would like to start by making it clear that I have never presented anything store-bought or ready-made as my own creation, quite the opposite actually, like with the photo I posted yesterday I always share if a meal is not something that I have made myself and I see absolutely no shame in that. Yes in a perfect world it would of course be much better if I made all my meals myself, but I do not live in a perfect world and sometimes I just need a quick meal on the go between meetings, sometimes I am too exhausted or in pain because of my back to cook something myself and sometimes I simply do not want to spend any more time in the kitchen. It is my job to cook and create recipes and most of the time it brings me great joy, but sometimes when I am stressed and have already been cooking most of the day, then I simply want to be able to buy something that I can enjoy while relaxing and watching Netflix.

I could of course make sure to always brings snacks and meals with me on the go or to meal prep and have meals ready in the fridge and freezer for those days where I don’t feel like cooking or don’t have the time, but I am very far from being a perfect person with everything planned, who’s always well prepared and who always makes everything from scratch. I do not plan my days much, I like to be spontaneous, I am a total dreamer who spends too much time inside my own head, I am always running late, I am always a bit stressed and yes this means that I also rely on buying ready-made meals or takeout once in a while and I do not see the problem with that at all. There are so many amazing, tasty, affordable (haha kinda, my bank account would probably disagree) and healthy options out there, I love that you can find ready-made and heathy meals everywhere these days, they have them in most grocery stores and even in 7/11 now. I bought the parfait above in 7/11 and they had a surprisingly large selection of healthy meals – including organic, vegetarian, vegan, paleo and raw options! There’s obviously also a lot of less than healthy options out there and I enjoy those too, I have never been one of those people who eats healthy 24/7 and I never will be. I don’t see anything wrong with eating a pizza, enjoying a soda or a bunch of candy once in a while, I have never claimed to be some health guru who eats healthy all the time, quite the contrary actually. I have always been very open about eating healthy about 80% of the time, but indulging in the less healthy options (and loving it!) as well.

Anyways, my point with this whole post is that you should not feel bad that you are not some superhuman who always make everything from scratch, who meal preps, brings snack and meals on the go and always eat 100% healthy. It is very few people who has the time, energy and determination to do this (I think you are amazing if you do!), most of us do not have it and that is more than okay. I am tired of people shaming other people (in any way), nobody is perfect – though there is such an immense pressure to be just that. Let’s just give each other a break – it is completely fine that you buy prepped and pre-chopped veggies or salad to serve for your family when you are exhausted after a long day of work (yep it is easy and definitely cheaper to do it yourself, but what if the alternative is no salad, but a much faster and unhealthy option?), it is perfectly fine to buy a yoghurt cup or a fruit cup on your way to work because you hit the snooze button too many times to have time to make breakfast and it is perfectly fine to order a big fat pizza for dinner to enjoy while watching tv – you deserve that pizza bby!

Lots of love and kisses from yours truly ❤︎


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Little things // Week 43

Hi lovelies! It is once again time for my weekly ‘Lovely little things’ series, where I share some of the things from the previous week that have somehow had an positive impact on me – however small or big these things might be. It is all about appreciating and enjoying the little things in life, to stop and take notice of the everyday things that brings joy and to give you guys a little bit of insight into the person who is behind A Million Miles.

Let me start by saying that last week was probably the most boring week of my life, but I feel like it is even more important to appreciate the good things in times like that so the post is still on! I didn’t really do anything but work all week and then I ended up getting sick, so I had to cancel all my weekend plans and stay in bed with lots of tea, candy (I felt so sorry for myself!) and netflix. Haha which is usually favorite thing to do (the netflix, candy, staying in bed part), buuut it really sucked since I felt like crap and I had really been looking forward to going out all week. I am not sick anymore though, it passed really fast, so I thankful for that and can’t really complain too much.

Before I got sick last week I went to the park next to our house almost everyday, it is just so pretty with all the fall colors and I try to go for a walk (or even a run) everyday to get some fresh air and get moving. I might be getting a little sick of fall already, the cold and darkness is just not my thing, but the beautiful fall colors and crisp air is just amazing! ❤︎

¨Homemade skin care ¨

I have been experimenting with homemade skincare for a while now and one of my favorites is this super easy to make refreshing face mist – I cannot wait to share the recipe with you guys, you are going to love it! I have also made this amazing lash and brow serum that I am completely obsessed with, I will share the recipe tomorrow and my before and after photos when I have been using it a little longer, but I am already seeing results! The best part is that it is really easy to make and inexpensive as well ;)

¨ Fresh flowers and marble ¨

Fresh flowers are one of my all time favorites when it comes to ‘Lovely little things’, it is definitely a bit of a splurge to almost always have fresh flowers in my home, but they bring me so much joy that I think it is worth it + I am getting pretty good at finding bargains ;) And speaking of bargains, I found this gorgeous white marble cutting board in Søstrene Greene for only 79 DKK – I love how good their interior line is getting! Affordable and chic, yes please!

¨ Fresh batch of muesli buns ¨

I have been eating wayy too many of these muesli breakfast buns lately, but they taste SO good and I love how easy it is to just grab one of these babies in the morning. I’ve been having one with raspberry chia jam, a cup of matcha tea and a crips apple or pear for breakfast almost everyday last week and I kinda want to continue this week even though I should probably start to go a little easy on the bread ;) It is just so nice and easy when you are in no way a morning person and it is so dark and cold in the morning, I really miss summer already!

¨ Stocking up on superfoods ¨

I received my first bulk order of superfoods last week and I am hooked! I got hemp seeds, dried mulberries and bee pollen, I have never tried bee pollen before, so I am a little bit excited about that one. I didn’t want to order too much at a time since I did not know what to expect, but everything was perfect, so I am definitely going to order more from my list soon. There is a lot of money (and time) to be saved by buying these kinds of products in bulk online so I can really recommend it – you can find a list of the items that I am looking to buy in bulk + where to get them right here!

Now I just need to find a place to buy nuts in bulk, I am listing a couple of places in my post, but they are still a bit pricey and the reviews are not 100% good, so I am not completely convinced. Can any of you guys recommend a store? If not, then I think I will just give the sellers I listed a try. They have all gotten a majority of good reviews (4 stars or more), I would never share them if they didn’t, but I do get a little paranoid when it comes to online retailers ;)

¨ Messy breakfast parfait ¨

My favorite breakfast from last week – yes it is even better than the muesli buns ;) I love making healthy parfaits for breakfast, they are so delicious, filling and bursting with nutrients! This one is layered raspberry smoothie (I used this recipe and added a little bit of acai as well), chia pudding (recipe here!), sliced banana, passion fruit and freeze dried raspberry, so good! ❤︎

¨ Kitty cuddles ¨
I was cat-sitting this little baby and his camera shy brother a couple of times last week for my sister (and yes I am totally that person, no shame #catlady) and it was just so cosy to have them on each side of me while I was working on the computer. 5 minutes of work, 5 minutes of kitty cuddles – pretty good routine right? ;) Just look how cute he is, I can barely handle it!

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Lovely little things // Week 42: Kitty emergencies, lots of food and new buys

Hi lovelies, it is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, where I share some of the things from the previous week that have somehow had an positive impact on me – however small or big these things might be. It is all about appreciating and enjoying the little things in life, to stop and take notice of the everyday things that brings joy and to give you guys a little bit of insight into the person who is behind A Million Miles.

The photo above is from a lunch out with one of my girlfriends. It is just one of those nice everyday things and it was just what I needed – I had my favorite salmon sandwich, homemade lemonade, good company and I got a nice little break from work. I absolutely love that being self-employed means I can do things like this in the middle of the day, it means the world that I can plan my day and spend my time almost exactly as I please – I do usually work at night instead though ;) The place we went to is called Mad & Kaffe (located on Sønderboulevarden in Vesterbro, Copenhagen) and I can definitely recommend it. My sister and I used to go there all the time before we moved as it was only a couple of minutes from our apartment. I love the salmon sandwich and the lemonade, but the fries are so good as well and their brunch is pretty famous (I think it even won an award or something), but I still haven’t tried it as I cannot be bothered to wait in line to get a table for breakfast (no reservations accepted), hah always too hangry and impatient!

¨ Long lost love ¨

I am finally starting to get back into reading again! I used to read all the time and I often finished a book in a day or two (I get so obsessed), but law school really messed it up for me. I had to read insane amounts of (extremely boring) law books, laws, cases etc. and it really killed my love of reading. It has taken me years to get it back, but I think that I am finally there. I eased into it while in LA by starting to re-read the first Harry Potter book again (I love Harry Potter so much!), I have only read them in Danish previously, so now I am starting all over by reading them in English instead. I only have the first one though, I want to get one of those gorgeous boxsets with all 7 books, so until I find the perfect one I am going to read other books instead.

I have just started reading ‘Choke’ by Chuck Palahniuk, it is quite a different genre from Harry Potter, but I absolutely love Chuck Palahniuk’s writing. ‘Fight Club’ is one of my all time favorites and I have read it so many times! It is very dark, but so intelligently written and it makes observations about us human beings and society that I believe are even more relevant now than ever. I actually wrote a paper on Fight Club, the postmodern society and existentialism in school, I wish I still had it.

Anyways, I am just getting started on ‘Choke’ and so far it seems very promising, hopefully I will have the time to really get into it tomorrow. Do you guys have any book recommendations? I have so many books lined up next since I haven’t really been reading for years, haha but I don’t believe it is possible to have too many books! ;)

You can buy Choke right here and Fight Club – my all time favorite – right here (affiliate links).

¨ New in – finally the perfect pair ¨

I have been looking for the perfect pair of heels for ages and now I have finally found them! I have so many beautiful stilletos, but they are absolutely awful to wear for a night out or pretty much for anything where you have to stand, walk or dance for much longer than 20 minutes, so when I finally found these comfy babies with a thick heel I was sold! I love that they are a bit edgy, it suits my style perfectly (probably better than those pretty stilettos) and they are so good to walk in compared to my other shoes. I got them on sale in an H&M store and they were so cheap even though they are made from real suede – score! They were the only pair left in the store though, but it seemed like they had been returned from the online store, so I think you might be able to find them there if interested :)

dsc_3455 dsc_3772
¨ Halloween treats in the making ¨

I spent the weekend creating so many Halloween treats for you guys and I cannot wait to share the recipes! Halloween is getting very close, so I will try to post most of them within the next couple of days. As I have shared before I absolutely LOVE Halloween! I have never really celebrated it properly as it isn’t really a thing here in Denmark, but I had so much fun creating and styling these Halloween inspired treats. Haha I almost felt like a little kid again, I would throw these little Halloween parties/dinners for my family and friends when I was a kid and it was one of my favorite things to do. I was so obsessed with witches and anything magical/supernatural + of course Halloween, but it wasn’t at all a thing in Denmark back then (even less than now, much less actually). I didn’t care though, I would make all sorts of spooky dishes and decorate the house and then just have a little Halloween party of my own with my mom, dad, little sister and my two best friends from elementary school/middle school, it was so much fun and it is one of my fondest memories. I was (and is) such a little weirdo, always obsessed with strange things ;)

You can find my first Halloween recipe right here and the rest will be up asap!

¨ Liquid lipstick love ¨

Okay so let me just start by saying that I am the WORST at doing makeup, but I have improved a lot over the past year or two and I am actually starting to enjoy trying new things and learning more – I guess I owe my makeup artist little sister some credit for this ;) I am still barefaced 90% of the time though, I work from home a lot and I am pretty lazy when it comes to makeup.

One thing I have always wanted to get into, but never really did is lipstick. I have so many different ones, but I never really wear them because it kinda stresses me out – do I have lipstick on my teeth? Did I smear my lipstick? Is it all over my face? You get the picture, I stress over everything ;) However, I have recently found the solution to my problems, liquid matte lipsticks! You apply them, they dry and they just stay in place! They don’t smear or smudge, they stay right where they are supposed to and don’t end up on your teeth or elsewhere. And they last for SO long! I wore one out to dinner the other day and I made it through several courses + drinks (that I managed to get all over my lips) without the lipstick rubbing off at all, it looked exactly the same as when I left home – how amazing is that?! A lot of brands make these kinds of lipsticks, but my favorite brands are Sephora for a more budget friendly option and Anastasia Beverly Hills for a pricier, but high quality option. So far I like my Sephora just as much as the ABH ones though, so I would just stick to those if you can find the colors you like (I think ABH has a lot more color options).

¨ A kitten and a wasp ¨

This little idiot sandwich is the reason that my sister and I nearly suffered an early death due to the terror and anxiety he brought into our lives last week. He decided it would be a good idea to try and eat a wasp, but he of course got stung and his mouth and neck started swelling so bad. We were absolutely terrified that he might not be able to breathe and thankfully we got an immediate emergency appointment at a nearby vet. We pretty much ran all the way over there and they took such good care of our little baby. They removed the stinger, he got a shot and they kept him for observation until the swelling went down. He is as good as new now and hopefully he will not try that sh*t again anytime soon! I mean I nearly had a heart attack, I don’t think I can handle something like that happening again in the near future!

You might wonder why this story is included in a post called “Lovely little things”? Well I think this is a good example (along with how they sometimes get poop on their feet and drag it all through the house, yikes!) of how much we love those little buggers no matter what they put us through and an experience like that only make us love them even more (the wasp eater has a brother). They are the sweetest, purest little creatures and they make my day almost everyday – haha and they are not even mine! #catladyforlife

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Lovely little things // Week 41

fil-17-10-2016-14-36-47Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series where I share some of the things from the previous week that have somehow had an positive impact on me – however small or big these things might be. It is all about appreciating and enjoying the little things in life, to stop and take notice of the everyday things that brings joy and to give you guys a little bit of insight into the person who is behind A Million Miles.

First up we have a (kinda) blurry photo of yours truly, it is rare that I make an appearance on here, you know how camera shy I am, but I am going to try and be a bit more present. I think it is nice that you get to know just a little bit more about the person behind the blog :) The reason for my smile is the beyond delicious raw chocolate slices with coconut and raspberry that I am holding, haha it is definitely the look of love! I made these yummy treats last week and I have been enjoying a slice everyday while watching Power – I am absolutely hooked! Both on the treat and the show, haha I am already on the last episode of season 2!! I always get way too obsessed when I discover a new show. It is nice to have something to look forward to though, I have been working a lot and I haven’t been feeling too well, so one of these slices + an episode (haha okay more than one episode) of Power have been a good way to end the day. I will post the recipe for the raw chocolate slices for you guys tomorrow  ❤︎

¨ Edible flowers growing wild ¨

You have seen these colorful beauties in many of my photos and I actually even grow them in my garden, but I don’t have any left and my plant seems to be in full fall mode, so I was very happily surprised when I came across these beauties growing up the wall of our shed. The whole area is a bit of a mess since the garden is still a work in progress, but these beauties are growing everywhere and it just looks too cute! They are actually coming from the neighbors property, haha but now they are on our side of the fence, so I am going to steal some for my salads and smoothie bowls ;)

If you want to plant your own next year they are called Tropaeolum majus and you can actually eat the leaves as well.

¨ New in ¨

Look at all these goodies I got in the mail, can you guess what I need them for? I have a whole lot more coming soon and I cannot wait to share everything with you guys, I have so many DIY projects planned! I am going to share a lot of natural and homemade beauty/skincare recipes with you + some DIY’s for the home as well. Let me know if you have any requests or wishes ❤︎

¨ My favorite kale salad ¨

I have been making this yummy kale salad several times last week, it is one of my go-to’s in the fall and I always make a big batch so I can share with my sister. Haha she is actually usually not that keen on my healthy cooking, but she absolutely love this salad!

You can find the recipe right here!

¨ Just do it ¨

I haven’t really been feeling well this past week, I am very easily affected by changes in the season and the weather and I just don’t thrive in autumn and winter when it is so dark and cold. It really messes with my mood and I have just been feeling so down and tired all week. In order to try and feel better I finally got back to working out though, so at least something good came of it. I usually don’t feel like this, but I have been longing to workout and go running all week and have actually done so almost everyday, it feels good to get back on track. I can’t really do too much because of my back, but short runs, power walks and exercises without too much weight seems to be okay. It makes me so happy to go outside in the fresh air and get moving. I have really missed this feeling, hopefully it will stay this time. They do say that running is the cheapest form of therapy ;)

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Lovely little things // Little glimpses of my favorite things

Lovely little things // Little glimpses of my favorite things¨ A cosy afternoon break ¨

Hi lovelies, are you ready for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series? It is all about appreciating and enjoying the little things in life, to stop and take notice of the everyday things that brings joy and to give you guys a little bit of insight into the person who is behind A Million Miles. I have been awful at keeping up with these posts, but I have now decided to make them a weekly thing where I each monday (sometimes tuesday) will share my favorite lovely little things from the week before, I hope you will enjoy it! This week I am sharing both some things that goes further back than a week and a little something from today, but from next week all photos will be from the previous week in order to always keep it current and up to date ❤︎

The first photo I want to share shows a lot of things that falls into my category of lovely little things – fresh flowers, my new marble coffee table, pumpkin spice dessert balls with dark chocolate (recipe coming soon) and a gorgeous new cookbook “Food in a jar” by Sophie Vedel Dalgaard that I was lucky enough to receive a while back (I plan on doing a little review soon) – haha you guys already know my love for jars, so this one is perfect for me! I took this photo earlier today while I enjoyed a little afternoon break after creating recipes most of the day. I always make the time to take little breaks throughout the day as it really helps me keep my stress levels under control. Today I used my afternoon break flipping through this lovely cookbook while eating my newest little dessert creations and listening to Phlake as the rain hit my windows, so cosy! ❤︎

This post contains affiliate links.

dsc_9918dsc_9991-1¨ Our new little babies ¨

If you follow me on instagram or snapchat (mokai_giraf) then you have already seen quite a lot of these fluffy little babies, but this will be their debut here on the blog! ❤︎

My little sister adopted these beyond cute kittens a couple of weeks ago and since we share a house (divided into two apartments, but still), then they’re totally my kittens as well, right?! ;) They are named Luca and Marley and they are the cutest most adorable little fur babies, but also the most annoying, noisy little terrorists who are pretty much able to turn the entire apartment upside down when they start playing – haha it should not be possible for such little creatures to cause so much chaos!

Banana love, Zara banana split sweatshirt¨ BA-NA-NA! ¨

Okay how AWESOME is this sweatshirt?! Haha I know that my fellow nana lovers out there will appreciate it! Ever since I spotted this banana sweatshirt a couple of months ago I just knew that I had to get my hands on it and when I saw the price tag I was sold – it is so cheap! It took me a while to find it, but I finally managed to buy it a couple of weeks ago – with a very special thank’s to Sydhavnsmor who helped me get it since I stupidly forgot my card at home! Haha I seriously do that at least once a week, how is that even possible?!

The sweatshirt is from Zara and while it sadly seems to be sold out online, then I saw a couple in the stores last week, so I still think it is possible to buy it for those interested :)

dsc_0573 dsc_0603 img_8410¨ Garden sneak peek ¨

I think it is about time that I show you some little snapshots from the gardens – I have pretty much been talking about them forever! We still have so much work to do and the gardens are still mostly just lawn (haha and weeds!! They keep coming back faster than we remove them!), so I am not going to do a full tour until next year where we will hopefully have planted a whole lot more + have added some more garden furniture and such.

Until then I will share these little glimpses with you guys, the apple tree is in my sister’s garden and it is just perfect! There are insane amounts of delicious apples on it and it just looks so cute with the little sving! The raspberries are from my garden and they just bring me so much joy! We planted 3 different varieties and 3 bushes of each variety – golden raspberries + 2 kinds of regular red raspberries, one that is in season during sommer + one that is in season during fall = sooo many raspberries!! ❤︎

The cute rustic whiskey barrels filled with herbs are in my garden as well, I just love how cute these look and it is of course amazing to have all these delicious fresh herbs on hand for my cooking as well!

Maria Nila soft¨ A recommendation and a thank you ¨

I think I have already shared my love for this brand before, but I want to do it again because it is just that good – and no this is not sponsored! I cannot explain just how much I love this shampoo + conditioner from Maria Nila, it works wonders for my difficult hair and since I have started using it a year ago I have been able to only wash my hair every other/every third day. This might not sound like much, but it is huge for me! My hair is usually super greasy no matter what I do, but since I changed my shampoo to this one, then I haven’t had any problems with greasy hair at all! To make it even better the products are vegan, sulphate and parabene free, produced locally in Sweden and environmentally friendly!

So far I have only been using the shampoo and conditioner, but my little sister got a lot of Maria Nila goodies from the lovely and super talented girls from Impression PR and they even included some things for me as well (big thank you girlies!), so I cannot wait to test the hair mask and organ oil to see if I like it as much as the shampoo and conditioner. Haha and yeah it was for my sis, but I am totally gonna steal a little – the perks of sharing a house with a beauty blogger ;) I will update you guys on how I like it.

You can buy the shampoo (my absolute favorite!) right here (1000 ml) and here (350 ml) + find all other Maria Nila products right here!

dsc_9688 ¨ Stepping out of my comfort zone ¨

In my last ‘Lovely little things’ post I shared that I suffer from social anxiety and how it doesn’t really go too well with being a blogger. It really holds me back since I do not like to participate in events and such, but recently I have challenged myself to defy the anxiety and step out of my comfort zone. It has actually been going quite well, I accepted an offer to participate in a blog campaign where I had to participate in a video shoot with a bunch of my fellow bloggers (sneak peek above) + I have been to two pr blogevents as well even though I didn’t really know anyone and I was going alone, so that feels like a small victory for me! Especially the video shoot since I not only suffer from social anxiety, but also have major anxiety when it comes to being filmed and photographed, so I am a bit proud of myself. Haha I am definitely not going to be the next big tv-chef though, I am super unphotogenic and awkward, but I actually had fun at the shoot and I loved getting to know some of my fellow bloggers! I will share the final result and more about the shoot soon. Haha I still haven’t seen the video and I am just praying that they did not use the shot of me where I am trying one of the dishes the chef prepared and then ended up with food all over my face + some in my hair because my hand was shaking so much – arrrghghh why am I so awkward?!

Baby pumpkins¨ Pumpkin party! ¨

I am a liiiittle obsessed with pumpkins at the moment – as you might have noticed from my recent posts ;) I have so many of these adorable baby pumpkins for decoration on my dinning table (I love using them as props for food styling as well) and we have a whole bunch of big pumpkins outside by the front door, it just looks so cute! I have never been fond of fall, but my sister’s enthusiasm seems to have rubbed off on me, so now I am hoarding pumpkins like a crazy person ;)

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