Lovely little things // Easter dresses and cakes, new books, sprouting and planting

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∼ My completely weather inappropriate, but oh so cute Easter dress ∼

Hello lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

I hope you have all had an amazing Easter, whether you celebrate it or not, I mean, we all enjoy days off and chocolate right?! ;) I had a great time with my family enjoying lots of good food and Easter treats, but I also had some amazing days on my own where I just completely pulled the plug. It felt so good to take some days off from work where I could catch up on reading, my favorite tv-shows, cleaning the house, listening to music and enjoying some of all the amazing Easter treats I got from my parents + had leftover from our Easter dinner, so good ♥

I also spent my days off sprouting seeds in little planters in my windowsill and planting (frost-resistant) summer flowers in the garden – hopefully it will inspire spring to get its sh’t together! ;) #nomoresnowplease

Oh and I have saved the best for last, I have gotten the opportunity to go on a press trip to somewhere warm and beautiful next week – eeek I am so excited!! I will of course bring you guys with me, so make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram for colorful photos and travel tips ♥

Matcha lattes all day erryday ∼

∼ My Stalks & Roots bouquet still going strong on week 2 ∼

∼ Øllebrød ♥ ∼

∼ Decorating my Easter cake and favorite chocolate cake for the family Easter party ∼

img_3278 img_3275
∼ The best Easter treats from mom and dad ♥ ∼

img_3272 img_3277img_3264
∼ Sprouting lots of seeds to be planted in the garden as soon as the weather improves ∼

∼ Reading and indulging in Easter treats ∼

∼ Homemade sushi ♥ ∼

img_3274 img_3273
∼ Playing my new Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds record on repeat ∼

∼ Enjoying a much needed taste of summer ♥ ∼

∼ Added some new books to my growing collection ∼ 

∼ The best kind of friends are the ones who brings cake ;) ♥ ∼

∼ Taking time out for self-care ♥ ∼

Lovely little things // Multiple concerts, new favorite foundation, my go-to meals and a comedy show

∼ When the mug matches your mood ∼ 

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

A lot of things have happened since my last LLT-post, I have been to two concerts and a comedy show, I finally got a referral to a psychologist, I went back to one of my new favorite restaurants, I finally found the perfect foundation (hah this post is all about the little things right?!), I enjoyed this crazy snowy weather under blankets with lots of tea and cookies (and freaking hated it while I waited in line for the concerts though), ate aaaaall of the oatmeal + made time for the little things and for self-care ♥

What have you guys been up to lately?

∼ Went back to Bach Yen again, so yummy ♥ ∼

∼ Got to watch one of my favorite comedians live again, it has been a while since I laughed this hard! ∼

∼ My go-to lunch on lazy days – obsessed with pickled red onion! ∼

∼ When you finally find the perfect foundation!! #notsponsored ∼

∼ All my favorite flowers in one photo – except for peonies of course ∼

∼ Spending all day in bed working, watching youtube videos, reading, drinking matcha lattes, eating chocolate and watching the snow falling ∼

∼ Dancing and singing like a crazy person at the Kendrick Lamar concert ∼

∼ When your drunk self has your back and buys treats for the next morning before getting a cab home ∼ 

∼ Sleeepy kitty, purry kitty ♥ ∼

∼ A big bow of my favorite warming oatmeal ♥ ∼

∼ The snow keeps coming – at first I hated it, but now I actually think it is really lovely and cosy ∼

∼ Watching The Script live at Tap1 – such a lovely band, but absolutely horrible venue ∼

Update on my New Year’s resolutions // Mental health, self-improvement, weight loss and more

Evening lovelies ♥ Since one of my most read blogpost this year was my New year, new me? Mental health and self-improvement post and since I have gotten so many sweet messages from you guys about it, then I thought it was about time that I gave you guys a little update on how everything is going. I know that there are a lot of you out there struggling with the same things, so I hope that this will somehow make you feel less alone. It has certainly helped me to hear many of you share your stories and it makes me so happy to hear how some of you have sought help and have overcome your struggles – hopefully I will have a similar story sometime in the future ♥

Most of my resolutions are things that I already knew would be hard for me to succeed with. You do not just change old and deeply rooted habits from one day to another and my struggles with depression is definitely not making it any easier. I feel exhausted most of the time and on bad days I can barely find the energy to get out of bed and get through the day, so I know this will be a slow process, but I feel like I am on the right track and I am proud of my slow, but steady progress.


Get back into a healthy routine – food + exercise

This resolution is definitely the one that I am having the most success with so far. I have mainly been eating really healthy since the beginning of the year, I would say that I eat healthy 80-90% of the time, which was my goal, so I am really happy about that. I don’t want to be too strict, I really enjoy being able to order pizza once in a while, eat candy or cake, go out for cocktails with the girls and eat a burger with fries if I feel hungover the next day – it is all about balance ♥

Getting back into a proper exercise routine have also been going really well, I am working out 2-4 times a week depending on how busy I am and I am actually kind of starting to enjoy it – hah never thought that would happen!

One of my goals is also to lose the weight I put on last year while I worked on my cookbook. I put it on slowly throughout a year, so that is also how I intend on losing it. No crash diets or anything like that, simply a healthy lifestyle and getting back on track with my diet and exercise. I lost 4 kilos quite fast when I first started out, but I haven’t lost much since, which is of course a bit frustrating, but I feel like I am on the right track with my healthy lifestyle, so the weight is going to come off at some point – and I need to keep in mind that it really isn’t that much I need to lose, so the weight should definitely be off before summer and bikini season arrives ;)

Work on my mental health – get professional help 

This one have been the toughest resolution for me. I have kept most of these things to myself for so long that it felt absolutely nerve-racking to finally have to open up and talk to someone about it.

It took me a while to find the nerve (and there is always a long wait to get an appointment), but I went to see my doctor last week to get a referral to a psychologist. I pretty much broke down crying the minute I sat down and it felt both awful and really liberating to have to open up and tell her why I wanted the referral. I was so nervous in the waiting room that I almost felt like I had to throw up, my worst fear was to finally open up to a professional and ask for help only for her to dismiss my struggle and tell me I was exaggerating or being dramatic. Not that I think/hope any doctor would ever say anything like that.

Luckily she weren’t anything like that. She was very understanding and concerned. I got the referral, but there is sadly a very long wait to be able to get in with a psychologist as a new patient – up to 6 months when it regards depression and anxiety, kinda ironic huh?! – and I still haven’t found one that I really like (let me know if you can recommend one in Copenhagen that specializes in depression and anxiety), but hopefully it will all work out.

I guess my physician was a bit concerned about the whole situation, so she suggested that I come back for “conversational-appointments” while I wait to get in with a psychologist. I accepted her offer, though I feel a bit hesitant to have to share all these things and really put myself out there only to start all over when I finally get a psychologist. It is absolutely exhausting for me to talk about these things, I usually keep them buried quite deep and I just feel completely flooded with emotions whenever I have to open up and share as it really forces me to acknowledge how I truly feel and how I am struggling.

After my doctors appointment (which was in the morning) I was so exhausted that I went home and pretty much just passed out. I felt more tired than I ever have before, so I ended up just staying in bed with my laptop and a book all day. It kind of makes me dread having to open up again, even though I know it is far from healthy to keep everything bottled up and that pretending everything is fine is not going to help me get any better, but it is all just a bit overwhelming.

Practice being more mindful and present

This one is not going well at all to be honest. I feel like most of my days are a total blur and I really struggle with slowing down and being more present. I desperately need to get better at this, but I feel like it is not going to happen from one day to another, so I won’t let myself get too discouraged by my lack of process, it will take time to change the way I think and live – it is not just going to magically happen, it is something that I will continually need to work on.

I am looking at a couple of books and apps on mindfullness and living in the present that will hopefully help me get better at this, I will share them if they are worth recommending! Also, please share if you have any good tips, tricks etc. that you think might help me, haha I am pretty much willing to try anything right now!

Spend more time offline and away from technology 

This is definitely an area where I need to improve a lot more as well, but I do feel like I am getting better. I have started to read more and I have tried to get a bit more creative recently as well, drawing and writing, I am not very good at it, but that isn’t really the point here ;)

When the weather gets better I want to get out more as well, I love going for long walks and explore new areas, but it is just wayyy too cold right now!

Get better at planning & organizing – optimize my worktime!

While I feel like I have gotten better at planning and organizing my time, then a lot of unexpected things have happened lately (I got sick x 2, got an unexpected freelance job etc.) and it have kinda thrown my whole plan and work schedule out of order lately. So yeah, it is definitely something that I need to keep working on. I feel like I am getting better at organizing my time and better at taking time off in the weekend and at night, but I need to get better at adapting to changes and handling curveballs thrown at me – I get way too ineffective whenever life doesn’t go according to plan instead of just buckling up and getting to work!

I have just ordered a new planner (affiliate link) that have already made a big difference in optimizing my worktime,  I love how it has the days divided into tasks ranked by importance – it is perfect when you tend to add way too many things to your to-do list!

Lovely little things // Family day, new recipes and all things pink

∼ Croissant love and a sneak peek at my new ceramics ∼

Evening lovelies! It is time for another post in my ‘Lovely little things’ series, I hope you enjoy getting these glimpses into my everyday life. For me these posts are the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate those little things in life ♥

I spent all last weekend with my family – Saturday with my dad’s side of the family and lots of good food, Sunday with my grandfather and sister visiting my grandmother in the hospital – thankfully she is doing better, but I worry about her every day. It is so hard to see the people you love the most grow older and struggle with their health, breaks my heart.

I really want to do something nice for her, but other than getting her flowers I really have no idea what to do, I want to do something that shows her how much I care about her. Maybe a little scrapbook or photo album, but we are a pretty camera shy family, so it isn’t really ideal. Let me know if you have any ideas, I would really appreciate it ♥

I also finally got my knee checked out by an orthopedic surgeon last week and thankfully it is not serious and I won’t need surgery – phew! Apparently I got patellofemoral syndrome and it should get better with physical Therapy, so fingers crossed!

He also gave me the all clear to get back in the gym, I should of course be careful not to overdo it, but exercise should be good for for my knee, so it is such a relief not having to worry about that when working out. And my tailbone is feeling better as well (thank you for your sweet messages!), so I am so happy to finally be back at the gym. Hah I never thought I would say that!

∼ Eating the last of the chocolate and raspberry covered almonds from last week ∼

∼ When you wanna sleep in, but grandpa Pelle disagrees ∼

∼ Family day ♥ We might need to practice our decorating skills ;) ∼

∼ Stocking up on fresh flowers ♥ ∼

∼ Buying a milk warmer/frother is one of the best decisions I have made in a long time ∼

∼ Beautiful, but cold mornings on my way to the gym ∼

∼ Counting the (many) days until we go back to LA and Echo Park ∼

∼ My go-to meal when I crave junk food, but try to keep it healthy ∼

fil-19-02-2018-12-12-07 fil-19-02-2018-12-33-37
∼ Found the cutest little tray for jewelry and trinkets, a great way to display my favorite pieces ∼

∼ Always drawn to the weird ones, proteas are my favorites ∼

∼ All pink Wednesday inspired by Cathrine ∼

fil-17-02-2018-18-07-41Treat yourself ♥ My Saturday breakfast feast with waffles, matcha lattes, smoothies and fresh fruit ∼

Get to know me // 10 random facts pt. 2

I never would have imagined just how well received the first ‘Get to know me..‘ post would be, I actually didn’t really expect that more than a few of you would read it, but it is by far the most read blogpost this month (did not see that coming!!), so I thought it would be fun with a part two.

So here we go again lovelies – coming up are another 10 very random facts that are accompanied by a photo of me when I was little, curly haired and much less camera shy  ♥


1.) I don’t know how I was so tan as a child (look at those legs!), now I am always pale AF. I mean, I am probably the only person who can go to Bali for two weeks and pretty much be as pale when I leave as when I arrived.

2.) I can’t stand watching awkward or embarrassing situations, if I watch a movie with an overly awkward scene, then I can barely get through it. I put myself in the characters place and feel what they must be feeling – same thing with real life situations, but just 10x more excruciating!

3.) One of the few things that I really really dislike (hate is a more appropriate word) to eat is licorice. I can’t stand the taste of it and I don’t understand why my fellow Danes seem to think it is a good idea to add it to everything – I mean, seriously, whyyyy?

4.) I have a terrible habbit of opening messages on my phone, replying to them in my mind, but then forgetting to actually reply with a real message. It drives my friends and family absolutely nuts and I don’t blame them! I get so mad at myself every time I do it.

5.) Just up until a year ago I pretty much only ever wore black and neutral colors (and mostly jeans), but now my closet is full of super colorful clothes and an insane amount of printed dresses in the colors of the rainbow! I still love a good all black outfit, but nothing brightens a gloomy morning like a colorful outfit ♥

6.) Red bell peppers are my favorite vegetable and I eat at least one a day, which means that I spend quite an insane amount of money on bell peppers every month – the organic ones are so pricey!

7.) My little sister is an incredibly talented makeup artist, while I on the other hand is a total disaster when it comes to makeup and I can only just manage the bare minimum – I mean, we even own an eyelash brand together and I can’t even properly put on falsies! Yeah I need to start practicing ;)

8.) I have managed to kill 10 plants since December.. I usually have a pretty green thumb, they must hate the Danish winter just as much as I do.

9.) I have watched the SATC series and the first movie an insane amount of times. Whenever I am sick or feel sad I usually put on the first SATC movie, it brings me a weird amount of comfort – it is almost like being surrounded by old friends, hah I have definitely watched it a little too much!

10.) I both feel like I never want to have children and like I could have a baby tomorrow and would probably love it – schizo much? Still a single pringle who doesn’t really mingle though, so no baby on the horizon for me ;)

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